Access Tests and Sexuality

                                                                        Dr K.Loganathan

Dear Rajesh,

I am so glad you are fascinated  with Access Testing and related matters. I feel I have hit upon something very important for understanding the enormously complex human mind and I can only hope that this field will grow despite the teething problems being currently faced.
Now let me come to the problem you have raised. Instead of the term  eunuchs I will use the term ' hermophrodite' and another related term 'androgynous indidviduals'. I want to distinguish the following types to avoid complications.

1. Biological hermos  ie. individuals with both the male and female sexual organs with perhaps none of them well developed. They are also known as transexuals.

2. Psychological hermos ie, individuals with lack of psychological differentiation of sexual identity or loss of such a differentation so that though physically male or Female, they are not able to function as so.

3. Individuals who are physically male but psychologically female, the effiminate and

4. Individuals who are physically female but psychologically male i.e the effimales, to coin a new trem.

 My studies so far involve only the last three category of people. The first category involves genetic considerations  but however perhaps not independent of psychological. I believe that, in contrasts to many Western thinkers, that the psyche is real and it is that which assumes a body according to the formulae or inscriptions  available in what is called the puriyatta theekam,  the form of the psyche independent of the body. The deposits available in this puritattatheekam is related to the ACTIONS executed by the individuals and hence what I am proposing goes beyond genetics. What I am proposing is something like the Karma doctrine so widespread all over Asia. When the desires  of a person are morbidly sexual, actions effected along these lines may elicit karmic deposits or mantric traces of a kind that confuses the clear presence of Natham and Bindhu(Yang &Yin)  causing  a confusion  in the  regulation of the biological dvelopment even during the embryonic stages so that the program-like karmic traces brings about a confused growth with respect to the sexual organs. If the karmic traces have a clear Natham dominance, masculinity in body and mind is assured. If Bindhu dominates then clearly a feminine identity both in body and mind. The confusions created by the karmic deposits act like the porgrams in computer science to generate the above types of individuals.(I think)

While access testing allows the study of the last three category of people, and hence ways and means of  correcting such imbalances, it will be stretching itself beyond its scope by entering into the genetical. However the Westerners so far haven't thought in terms of deathless and indestructible psyche that assumes an endless chain of births till it attains moksha or Nirvana, a form of thinking very widespread all over Asia and central to Saiva Siddhanta of Thirumular and so forth. The central notion of Karma is that the actions of this present birth contributes towards determining the form of the next birth, the puriyattatheekam providing the link. Further studies of the structure of Human Psyche using Access Testing may reveal the truth of this doctrine.

Now in contrast to above hermos, the androgynous individuals are those who are well developed spiritually and whose psyche is in the form of Arthnaaari, the ammaiyappar, the half male and half female forms. In psychic constitution of  such  individuals, there is a total saturation of Natham and Bindhu ( Yin &Yang) so that sexual desires are totally transmuted to the spritual desires to unite with God and no other.

I hope these brief points are of some interest to you.  I am  still studying about these matters and  am putting forward such ideas so that, being a computer scientist, you are also stimulated to think along these lines. For philosophical considerations of a profound kind please read my Metaphysica Universalis of Meykandar, available free in the Dravidian Philosophy Campus.