Dear Friends ,
I publish the following dream interpretaion exercise I conducted with one of the members in which he also interpreted his own dream using some  elements of my analysis. His own interpretaion appears to be quite satisfactory and a new insight about how to live has been gained. There may be others who may want do something similr. These are rules:

A. You can send your dreams privately and if you want you can use a pseudoname. However basic personal details like sex age marital status etc if provided will help.

B. The interpretation will be send to you privately and you can enter into a discussion etc till we work out  together the right interpretation

C.If necessary the whole exercise, like the present one will be published in the internet withholding the personal identity, of course and that too only if permission is granted.




Your writeup on dream analysis was fascinating.

How would you interpret the following dream ?

I had a strange dream last night. I bike my way through an open gate into a private garden and I see a majestic bull pacing back and forth. There was a moat like separation between the bull and me. The bull saw me and wants to take me by his horns and comes around by another way. An old woman, whom I do not know,but she seems to know me, is calling for the owner to save me.  The bull comes behind me and the woman holds the gate open, shouts at me to bike away fast to escape being hurt. I hear the sounds of the approacing bull and try hard to press the predal but the wheels move slower. At this point I woke up.
...INTERPRETATION  1(Loga).............

Biking away is your existence , the way you live. Since bike is the vehicle, life is tolerably good. However somehow you enter a private garden and this maybe  your private personal life. It may be a liking for a  woman perhaps other than your wife, if you are married, other than your lover if you have one and you are unmarried.. It may also be  involvement with a married woman. The bull may be the husband of the woman or at least a POWER of SIVA, the Nandhi that attacks your moral conscience and create mental depression and worries of a devastating kind. If the what you describe is black in
colour or a buffalo, it may even be an encounter with death-like experience. The bull seems to be persisitent doesn't want to give up till it really attacks you. However your forwarned by an old woman who is actualy the MOTHER, the UMAI AMMAI who calls possibly SIVA to help you by alerting in your conscience the unethical character of some of your behaviuor. The Mother opens the gate in the sense provides insights that would allow you to escape from your dilemma but you are a bit slow in taking up the solution. It may also be possible that your attachment is very strong that you may
find it diffficult to give up on it.

I kept on thinking about your dream and another possibility also occured to me. It may be possible there is a man in your professional circle whom you have offended unknowingly by being a threat to his personal life. It may be racial hatred of some kind or mere professional jealousy. He wants to get rid off you  and waiting for a chance.The Unconscious in you, the old woman, is aware of the threat and is seeking divine grace to help you out. It may a woman close to you having an intuition about it. It may be possible that another opening in professional life is made vailable to you as a way of
escaping from the dilemma but with which you are not very happy.

Please think about this possiblity as well and let me have  some feed back. Such uncertainlies arise because I dont know the personal details related to the dream.


I thank you for the two possible explanations of my dream.

I think the first explanations is not correct and the second one may be aprtially correct. The reasoning is as follows.

 I am a happily marrried man with two girls (23, 18), one of them graduating next week (BS Maths major)
and the other in the last year of high school. I have no extra marital affairs, contemplated or involved. So the first explanation is not correct.

In the professional level I am about to retire. It is true that there is another opportunity. Two potential job opportunities,
looming in the horizon, one in the east coast and the other in Europe . I don't want either of them.
However, based on your analysis pattern I have a third explanation to offer.

 I come from a very religious background. My grandfather used to do puja/prayers for 4 hours every day. This shrunk to 2 hours in my father's time. In my life the time I spend is less than 15/30 minutes. My mother who is 82, living with me here, is constantly asking me to spend more time in prayers/pujas. I am somewhat reluctant to make a commitment. In the dream, the bull as you surmised stands for Shiva, who is chiding me for lack of reverence (biking in front of him
as opposed to walking). The woman, Divine Mother or my own wants to rescue me from his wrath. The slow biking shows reluctance to modify my ways and a desire to escape the obligations/commitments.

I thank you for your illuminating analysis and comments.


Dear Friends.

I am so glad that  many people are participating in dream analysis and benefiting by it. Though my interpretations are not100%  accurate but somehow  they touch the core meaning and helps the dreamers to reinterprete and understand better the dream itself. Entering into a dialogue sbout it appears to be very important. The benefits of a dream are lost if not discussed, interpreted and understood. Here is another being published with the consent of the dreamer who is a Chinese lady around 37 years of age , happily married. The dreams started when the husband  was  about to go overseas..


Dear MrsX,
Thanks for the dream. Let me see what it means. I want  some feedback as I am not absoltuly sure of my interpretation.

At 02:40 AM 31-05-99 PDT, you wrote:
Dr Loga,

I had this strange dream the other nite.I dream that in my dream i had the  knowledge that my husband was going to Canada.The next moment, I seem to be  in an apartment which  its kitchen in at a different level (higher level ) than the apartment.Some thing is being cooked in the kitchen.The next mement  the whole building was very smoky because of the uncare fire in the  kitchen.The resisdents were very anxious and nervous about the fire and  finanlly when the kitchen was forced open,there was no fire but very smoky  indeed,AND there were 2 man fainted insede there but were waken up by the  people.
This sound like a very strange dream.Could you or any one please help me to  interprete this dream.I am a chinese lady of 37 years and married.


You are aware of the possible departure of your husband and therefore the possiblity of being alone. Now cooking food in the kitchen means ossibly being friendly (and may be flirt abit) with other men friends posssibly in another house ofr apartment.Then it becomes a topic for gossip, everyone in the Bolck somehow come to know about it and start talking behind the back. Now when the kitchen is broke open, the TRUTH is known. There may be two but only as ordinary friends, no fir of sexual desires.

This dream seems to be a  case where people misunderstand your nice and plain frindship with some men.  Perhaps it a warning of unpleasant that happen if you are careless.

How does it sound?

Dr Loga

Dear Dr.Loga,
Well, I dont have any idea or any men at all to flirt with.I think flirting is out of the questions.Anyway thanks a lot for helping me .Thanks.


Yes you may be right. But people may gossip where they  put one and one together to make up stories without any substance. Simply smoke without fire. Joust be careful about other people. And furthermore the dreams tell the yet to happen and therefore we may not be able to tell right now. Just be careful. Nothing wrng with that. Is there? Sorry if the meaning offended. Iam just trying to interprete to the best of my possibilty.


At 07:00 AM 02-06-99 PDT, you wrote:
>Dear DR.Loga,
>You may publish the dream.Anyway last nite, I dreamt that I was lying(for the purpose of sleeping) on an open air field , looking up the stars.Besides me was a male friend (no sexual desire at all,and I was aware of it in the dream). Do you think t has anything to do with my previous dream? thanks!

At 06:08 AM 31-05-99 PDT, you wrote:
Dear MrsX

Your present dream may have something to do with the previous dream and the fact that your entered into a dialogue with me about it. The open air filed represents a self purification in which the sexual desires are transmuted into spiritual desires. Looking towards the heavens means praying for the guidance of God. And certainly your prayer appears to be have been  answered. The male figure sleeping next to you but without any sexual desires is actually God himself as the Animus or the Yang principle providing the masculine presence deep within you so that you remain fulfilled even when your hausband leaves to overseas  for a while.

Thanks for giving the permission to publish the dream



(Dear Friends, this third dream comes from an Indian male, about 56 years of age , a university lecturer with a Phd to his credit.)

Dear Loga,
>I had this funny dream. How would you interprete it?
>I am going around in a house that is undergoing extensive rennovation and there are alot of people moving around.Then I find myself out in a garden and completely naked, bathing under two shower like jets of water and passers by are having a look at me!! I become very self conscious and at this point a lady comes and offers me some clothing which I put on - like a pair of shorts. Then I go about talking to a group of people.

Here is my interpretaion

: House undergoing extensive renovation may mean your own body being rebuilt with mantric powers doing the job. It indicates a bodily recovery possibly because of ill health of some kind. Being in the completely naked has  several meanings. Denuding is Nirvaana, getting rid of desries and becoming pure. Bathing is being cleansed  by the heavenly Gangai and hence life renewal.  You may withdraw from active social  life for a while to  recuperate. A lady  giving shorts is actually a divine power that allows you to cover up and enter active social life again. Now if your naked body is Blue in colour it may mean involvement with some women, perhaps with some sexual overtones in it. And in  which case  the lady giving you shorts may be your own wife cautioning about your weakenss.

Think about these and enter into discussion with me about it .  Certainly I may be wrong on a number of points.


You may be right on a number of points.I have a nagging minor health problem without any sign of improvement. I have turned to prayers for some kind of divine intervention and relief. Also I am seriously thinking of slowly withdrawing from social work, having spent about 30 years in it, i feel it is time for others to take over.And also there is alot of pettiness that disturbs me and causes dissillusionment as to the purpose of our involvement in these kinds of work.


You are in for a change perhaps a new pattern of life must be chosen. Discard the old ways and enter bravely the new. We must not be afraid of change. The nagging ill health is sign that the psychic dirt, the Giggosum has not been got rid off and now you ought to do that to enjoy a new lease of life. Entering more consistenly into dream analysis may also help you in this.



Dear Friends,
I publish now another dream the interpretaion of which was quite easy and in which I happen to be very accurate.


Dear Dr. Loganathan,

Few days ago I had a strange dream in which I was fighting with a dog.I feel disturbed ever since. Would there be any  meaning to this  dream ?

I am a 12 year old boy and we have no dogs at home.



Dear X
Here is my interpretation: dogs are actually people, perhaps some boys in your case, who disturb you and annoy you. They may do and say things that are insulting and hurting. It is a test (sOthanai ) in life that you have to face and come out of it.
Do you have a circle of friends who are like this? You are free to write to me for further clarification.


Dear Dr Loga,

I showed  my son  your interpretation, and checked with him about such "friends". Now, he is attending summer camps as the school is on vacation, and yes, he is on a keen competition with some toughies - who it appears are illmannered & foul mouthed.

Therefore your interpretation is 100% correct.

Congrats !