Hymnotherapy in ArutkuraL -3
DrK.Loganathan    Friday, July 09, 1999

The Trans-historical Dimensions

All human attainments, termed siththies by the Tamil Siddhaas are eight in number and they vary according to existential world  they have  attained (For details see the article " Classifying the Unconscious " posted earlier here. ) Hymnotherapy under consideration is concerned with the highest existential world and the attainments that  are peculiar to it. The most
salient therapeutic aspect is that they serve to lift up the individual from historical flux into which they are already thrown and reach grounds that are trans-historical, permanet and absolutistic which is simultaneously PURE

                 siththamalang keduththu siirellaam pukuththi
                 niththani malngkaaddun neerisai

                  º¢ò¾ÁÄí ¦¸ÎòÐ º£¦ÃøÄ¡õ ÒÌò¾¢
                  ¿¢ò¾¿¢ ÁÄí¸¡ðÎó §¿Ã¢¨º

There is a porcess of cleansing, of self purification  and because of which grounds of Being-in-the -World, to use a Heideggerian phrase here, unavailable before becomes immensely available for living  and  existing. The concern with historical and the mundane is over and the person basks in the undying eternities that stand above  as absolutistic.

The Aesthetical  Development

The central feature of most the Eastern therapies appear to be the esthetical cultivation of the human spirit, raising it from the primitive savagery  in which it is locked up to a higher  level in which there is more human and divine tastes . The lower is abhorred and the higher is indulged. The lustful  bestiality  is overcome and the divine installed. This simultaneously becomes that which releases the individual from the killing tension and anxiety and because of it there is the enjoying of AMUTHAM, the ambrosia of eternal youthfulness

                 theernthu nallisai ceviuNNa    amarnthu
                 arnthu azakuNNa amutham

                §¾÷óÐ ¿øÄ¢¨º ¦ºÅ¢Ôñ½ ÅÁ÷óÐ
                ¬÷óÐ «ÆÌñ½ «Ó¾õ
                 kaamam kaNtikkum kadavut paadalkaL
                 naamang  kedukkunan marunthu

                   ¸¡Áí ¸ñÊìÌõ ¸¼×ð À¡¼ø¸û
                   ¿¡Áí ¦¸ÎìÌ¿ý ÁÕóÐ

It must be remarked here the emphasize on aesthetics that we see in thepostmodern Western thinking is something that has already been anticipated by most of the Eastern therapies. The intellectual development  of man is not only a one-sided development  but also that which does not touch at all the HUMAN in man  The highly rational individual need not be a WISE person, a person   who knows the TRUTH and because of which there is no EGO in him/her.

The Transductive Perception

The central feature of Eastern therapies  is hermeneutical, that of developing the UNDERSTANDING through making the person SEE more,  especially the hidden and the covered-up. There is thirothakam, casting a veil across the real elements in the DEPTHS that really shape the destinies of man. Only when we gain  in-sights into the them, or as they say in the Indian Philosophies , gain a DARSANA , a vision into them, that   we UNDERSTAND the why and how of things and settle the problem as well.  And at this high level what are seen are the ARCHETYPES, the Imago-Dei , the real POWERS that actually shape human behavior. Sighting them and gaining a familiarity with them,  settles the gnawing doubts and uncertainties with regard to the FOUNDATIONS of one's own existence. The eyes are opened so that the HIDDEN and MYSTREIOUS are no more so.  A transparency comes to prevail in the understanding of the person which bring along with it a certain confidence and certainty .

                     manthira  vaNNangkaL mannidu vaarangkaL
                     cinthaiyiR Reyvam thooRRum
                   Áó¾¢Ã Åñ½í¸û ÁýɢΠšÃí¸û
                  º¢ó¨¾Â¢ü ¦ÃöÅõ §¾¡üÚõ

                     uLLang kavarkinRa uruvin theyvisai
                     kaLLa yiRaivanaik kaaddum

                    ¯ûÇí ¸ù÷¸¢ýÈ ¯ÕÅ¢ý ¦¾öÅ¢¨º
                    ¸ûÇ ­¨ÈŨÉì ¸¡ðÎõ

The Seductive Powers

The rational mind refuses to  acknowledge the realities beyond its reach. Thinking and deep reflections have their  own limitations  and the crucial existential secrets are made unavailable to such minds. Not everything can be  mathematised and measured.  There are realities that can be understood only through  the qualitative development of an individual and hymnotherapy serves an important function here. The dominance of  a cadence of its own that is mantric in essence seduces the person and dulls his intellectual wits and through that  usher him into realms that have remained beyond his
reach hitherto. He is inducted into a world that is deeply esthetical and mystical and through that gaining of LUMENS that lights up a large world that he was aware only intuitively,  if at all.

                 eNNiyaR sinthaiyil  ezAa  meyyuNarvu
                 paNNiyal naRpaa paarikkum

                  ±ñ½¢Âü º¢ó¨¾Â¢ø ±Æ¡« ¦ÁöÔ½÷×
                 Àñ½¢Âø ¿üÀ¡ À¡Ã¢ìÌõ

                     maRuppu uLLaaththin  mayakkuk keduththu
                     viruppu undaakkum viththisai

                    ÁÚôÒ ¯ûÇò¾¢ý ÁÂìÌ ¦¸ÎòÐ
                   Å¢ÕôÒ ¯ñ¼¡ìÌõ Å¢ò¾¢¨º

Concluding Remarks

This not all to what has been explained as Hymnotherapy in ArutkuraL. It goes much deeper but because they are more or less elaboration of what has already been explained I bring to a conclusion this series to free myself to
consider  other kinds of things available in ArutkuRaL. The next series will be concerned with the Political and Economic Theories outlined there.