Political Theory in ArutkuRaL -5

Dr.K. Loganathan       Tuesday, July 20, 1999

What is the Grammar of Good Politics?

All hermeneutic sciences establish GRAMMARS and political science considered as a field of Hermeneutic Science is no exception to this. It establishes the grammar of good politics so that the political behavior is guided by these grammars. And the grammars are derived from the Metaphysical Truths about MEANING of existence and a true understanding of the nature of political existence that we have articulated in terms of various kinds of wars in which the war of enlightenment is deemed the most important. The grammars are ultimately derived in terms of these and deals with the nature of politics that exemplify or are consistent with these. In this concluding essay we shall attend to this very very briefly.

AruLarasu or Enlightened Politics

The politics where the leaders are not egoistic and hence not inclined to use the political machinery for their own selfish interests  but rather for the interest of the public and where decisions are taken always mindful of the UNCONSCIOUS patterning of world events will be enlightened politics. This is not easy for it is weakness of almost every political leader to cling on to power once already in it. There is ATTACHMENT to POWER and a refusal to let to another individual even when the time comes.  There is a kind megalomania, a feeling that another person cannot do as well as oneself  and therefore an inclination to use all the political machinery for self glorification and adulation and simultaneously massacring either politically or physically the likely rival candidates for Power.  There is NO BELIEF  that there is a higher POWER , mightier than the poor mortals and to which one must be subservient even as the political leader of the country.

                                          arasiR siRanthathu aruLarusu athaninRiru
                                          iRavnaadcikku  ellaam viduvathu

                                      «Ãº¢ü º¢Èó¾Ð «ÕÇÃÍ «¾É¢ýÈ¢Õ
                                ­¨ÈÅÉ¡ðº¢ì ¦¸øÄ¡õ Å¢ÎÅÐ

The right political leader must be guided by the FACT that the GRACE(aruL) of BEING permeates every single event in society and any political praxis unmindful of this fact is likely to be  egoistic and  hence possibly wrong.  It is not just economic considerations that lead to the maintenance of enlightened politics but along with it there must be sensitivity to ETHICS in every dealings. The unethical, even economically beneficial, will not help to precipitate the kind of politics that is enlightened.

                                      aruLullaaththar aaNtanar amararnan naaduveRum
                                      poruLLuththar  puumikkum pakai

                                     «ÕÙûÇò¾÷ ¬ñ¼É÷ «ÁÃ÷¿ý ¿¡Î¦ÅÚõ
                              ¦À¡ÕÙûǾ÷ âÁ¢ìÌõ À¨¸

The Politics Of Growth

Good politics is concerned with GROWTH and gears the nation for growth. The political system that organizes the nation for growth grows along with it.  The VaLar Arasu is the politics that escapes demise and maintains itself as the basic dynamics of the nation.  Whether the formal mode is democracy or theocracy, aristocracy or whatever,  as long it maintains itself as AruLarasu and concerns itself with enlightening  and educating the people and maintains the politics as for the growth of people will withstand the destructive forces that unseat the politics from power. No matter how mighty a political leader and the political party, the history  is very clear: they all fall and fall sometimes in disgrace. What is more relevant than the form of public participation is the QUALITY of everything that transpires as the politics of the nation. There must   be aruL, that divine quality that makes one respect TRUTH and JUSTICE that allows a permanent hold on POWER.

                                         kudiyarasoo mudiyarasoo  samaykOtpaat tinarasoo
                                         aruLaracil  lenin aziyum

                                       ÌÊÂ纡 ÓÊÂ÷§º¡ ºÁö§¸¡ðÀ¡ð ÊÉ纡
                                «ÕÇú¢ø ¦ÄÉ¢ý «Æ¢Ôõ

                                         poruLin peruvaLamum aruLin centhiruvum
                                         tharUumpaN piRRuththaazaa varasu

                                       ¦À¡ÕÇ¢ý ¦ÀÕÅÇÓõ «ÕÇ¢ý ¦ºó¾¢Õ×õ
                                ¾ÕõÀñ À¢üÚò¾¡Æ¡ ÅÃÍ

One essential quality is that the right individuals must be rewarded and wrong individuals  punished.  When the GOOD individuals do not get justice done to them and the wrong individuals get the political rewards because of some privileges , nepotism   political maneuvering and what not , forces of destruction set in and sooner  or later there will be upheavals whereby the ruling party or power is thown out and made powerless. It seems to be a law of nature : that system that does not do JUSTICE to the individuals gets destroyed in good time.

                                     thakavillaaraith thaNtiththu pukarillaaraip pooRRi
                                     tharumuRai parisinathar mavarasu

                                 ¾¸Å¢øÄ¡¨Ãò ¾ñÊòРҸâøÄ¡¨Ãô §À¡üÈ¢
                             ¾ÕÓ¨È À⺢ɾ÷ ÁÅÃÍ

The Strong Politics : uRuthi arasu

The political strength lies fundamentally with ETHICS and hence the whole nation must be organized towards being PURE and corruptionless. Any form corruption is aRamaRRathu, an offence against ETHICS and hence that which invites the evils. A corrupted politician corrupts the whole nation unwittingly and causes it's own downfall. Like the evils of a person that lead to psychological disaster so do the corrupted practices of the politicians.  A clean society is an outcome of clean politics and this is possible only if the politicians are clean and that can be a reality only if they  are of high ethical caliber

                       aRamaRRa thiyaaNtum araNalla  aaLvaarkku
                        thiRanaRRa naayumaakki vidum

                        «ÈÁüÈ ¾¢Â¡ñÎõ «Ã½øÄ ¬ûÅ¡÷ìÌ
                   ¾¢ÈÉüÈ É¡ÔÁ¡ì¸¢ Å¢Îõ

There must always be  an awareness that the political processes  are .not haphazard the dynamics of which are just economical.  There is  aaNai, a direction that serves as the DIVINE PROMULGATION that guides every political praxis and discloses itself as the sense of justice and the ethical principles pertaining to that activity.  When the politicians become blind to these principles they become corrupted and in turn corrupt the nation as whole causing its downfall.

                      celuththum peeraaNai  cekaththiR RaankaNtu
                      nikazththum arasee wilaikkum

                      ¦ºÖòÐõ  §Àᨽ ¦º¸ò¾¢ü È¡ý¸ñÎ
                 ¿¢¸úòÐõ «Ã§º ¿¢¨ÄìÌõ

Empty ideologies that are churned out unmindful of TRUTHS  may be temporarily successful but not permanently. Permanence pertains to politics that has its foundation the TRUTHS that are ahistorical and absolutistic. Therefore politics can never divorce itself from metaphysics where the TRUTHS are sought after.  A political thinking that displaces free metaphysical inquiry with official ideologies digs its own grave. They try to prop up the nation with wooden legs; they will collapse under their own weight.  A metaphysically FALSE system falls because of its own emptiness. No amount of propaganda will be adequate to rescue it.  Poverty of all sorts will set in and wipe out the whole system in  a  single stroke.

                      saththinsaar pillaaccaayai kadaipidikaL poruL
                      aththinmee laammarasiyaR kootkaL

                      ºò¾¢ýº¡÷ À¢øġ¨Âì  ¸¨¼ôÀ¢Ê¸û ¦À¡Õû
                 «ò¾¢ý§Á Ä¡Áú¢Âü §¸¡ð¸û

The strength of political system is ensured where the right form of political opposition is not only  tolerated but also encouraged.  Effective opposition is a safeguard against corruption and such other malpractices.  The ruling party is forced to be  OPEN and through that HONEST where there is viable opposition  ready to take over the political leadership if the current ruling party has degenerated for some reason or other.  The society as whole remains ethically sound when there is good opposition and the political praxis is transparent.  Effective and responsible political opposition helps to maintain the transparency that is so vital for the mental health of the nation.

                  ethirp pilaathaakku miRumaappu vallarasum
                  uthirn thilaavaaku morunaaL

                  ±¾¢÷ô À¢Ä¡¾¡ìÌ Á¢ÚÁ¡ôÒ ÅøÄÃÍõ
              ¯¾¢÷ó ¾¢Ä¡Å¡Ì ¦Á¡Õ¿¡û