Dream: Love Failure

Dear Friends,
I am publishing here an interesting dream, quite rare in fact from a young lady from USA who is probably and American white, a 22 years old single lady . This dream discloses the simultaneous presence of deep ethical concerns along with vital passions here it being sexual. It looks as though one cannot enjoy the pleasures of life just like that, it appears to be gift a reward only for the morally victorious. This young lady also invites other interpretations and comments from the readers who are most welcome to publish them in the agamicpsychology egroups or Tamil Net.

My name is X I am 22 years old  female and my martial status is single. I had a dream on Monday 10/11/99.  My dream started out as a date with a former friend and his daughter that I dated in the last couple months.  His name is Y, (he is also 22) and his daughter's name is Z (she just turned a year old). It was dark out side and Y  was driving a Red Beretta, we were on our way home from Dinner in south D and a White vehicle ( something to the looks of the Impala) pulled up next to us at a red light and Y  grabbed my hand as he looked over at the car and told me not to look over at there. He tried
to distract me and make me laugh .

Traveling with your friend in a car means  renewing life with him. The red colour symbolizes love and having dinner means probably enjoying sexual kind of happiness . The child symbolizes the  sexual kind of love he has for his wife or somebody like that.  That the child is in the car means that even though he has renewed  his contact with you, it may be possible that he still loves his wife. The darkness outside means probably secrecy, probably he is doing this without the knowledge of his wife.  Or it may that both of you are  sad and depressed and renew  the former love as a way of overcoming that. The white  car that pulls by your side is your inner conscience, the moral questions that surface because of your present relationship with a male who is already married or in love  with  another woman. It may come through another male in your life.  Y  tries his best to muffle it , not to think about it etc. But nevertheless it pricks, wounds your conscience despite your friends advise to forget it and so forth.

 I glanced over at the other car and someone in the car was rolling down the window and shooting a some type of gun at our car. The man in the car was dark skinned and had black glasses on with a red shirt. I turned back around and I saw blood on my shoulder and all over the front of my white short sleeve sweater and knew right away that I had been shot.  I went to cover up the baby and I felt something hit my neck and when I looked up I saw a bullet go through my neck and hit Y  in the face. He fell over and his body just slumped on top of me.


The man in the white car is the symbolic presence of an archetype or another friend of yours who is upset and sad (dark body and dark glasses) but who loves you (red shirt) Blood on your white shirt means feeling psychologically wounded and bleeding despite the fact that you want to be pure (white sweater.) You friend  also  gets hit by this moral conscience and may be also that sensing that your action may thwart his love for his wife and hence destroy his  marriage, you try to protect it by covering up the baby. Your  concern for his marriage also hits you like a bullet. You probably begin to feel very intensively that what you are doing is wrong.

Z  lived and Y and I both died. I saw my funeral procession and the people in the cars behind but none of them had faces that I Could recognize.  Z was there but she was like 9 or 10 years old. I couldn't see my face but there was an open casket funeral.  I also was not wearing my glasses at the time, which is strange because I never go anywhere without wearing my glasses.


That Z  survives and grows up means that in this struggle, your friends love for his wife(or another woman)  survives and hence his family life. That both of you  die means the love between both of will die and you will either forget each other or continue just as ordinary friends. That you don't wear glasses any more means you begin  to see truth, reality as it is without any rationalizing defenses.

Dear X, This is how I see the meaning and certainly I can be wrong. The rules of dream interpretations that I have worked out tells the meanings as I have described. I hope it helps. Please write to me  further.

By the way where are from and how did  you come to know about my services? Just curious.

Dr Loga


Dear Dr. Loga,
 I am from  USA  and a friend from work told me about your services after I asked her about the dream.  One thing that I
forgot to mention is that Z is not married. There is a  lot of truth behind what you told me and I want to thank you very much for your help. I will refer you to others if that is okay.


Each dream emerges from a psychological ecology, the KaRRaLi or the World. Here it being sexual in kind, we can ascribe it immediately to World 1.  The Buddhies are the dream fabricating mechanisms and here they appear to be the Uccaadanam type, that which exorcises improper sexual  desires. The Siddhies are the outcomes, the functions of the dream in the personal life of the dreamer.  We can ascribe  Lahima to this, for the dream enlightens the individual about some moral percepts