Dream7: the Purple Cloth

Dear Friends,
This is an interesting dream  that was presented to me couple of years ago by a friend. I spend a lot of time interpreting it, discussing it with him  till the meaning became quite clear. It also happens that the events depicted became a realtiy about eight months later. I had an account of the events itself and have further improved my interpretation. One thing  is very clear: most dreams are predictive like Baum D in the Baum Test and this is one of them. This, I must mention here, goes against the view of Freud who insisted that dreams are expressions of the repressed and suppressed and hence a fulfilment of a wish  that has gone unconscious. While some dreams may be so most dreams are not. This also means the Theory of Unconscious of Freud must be revised along the lines I have done and which is a refinement of that of C.G. Jung and quite Eastern.

Dream:  My friend Rajagopal having lost his mother and another man close to his mother, now loses his father too and on hearing that , I visit him to pay my condolences. As I walk  to his home there is another huge figure of another person,  one  Vengadasalam who wears a purple coloured shirt.  I  console my friend saying that the simultaneous death of all three is in a way a blessing as in a single funeral expense all the three can be dealth with.
I am told that his father was leading a lonely life and before the death, shut himself up  in a house and refused to see anyone. He just didn't want to see anybody and waited for his dealth calmy.

On the way back some men corner me and tell me a secret about their deaths. It seems at long last a river burst the banks and the water spread everywhere. And a purple cloth which was inside the the river is the real cause of the death of all three. I can see the purple cloth lying there and on touching it notice that it is still wet. I am told that it is poisonous. Those men also tell me that they are going to take some actions to punish the owener of that river.

Interpretaion: A complicated theme in which the meanings appear in the names of the individuals , events and the purple coloured cloth. Now pruple colour which is  blue saturated  with red  stands for sexual desire, perhaps of the sort that would require coition for geting rid of it. The dreamer is informed that and the indivudal, large in size and wearing the purple colured shirt is the real culprit for demise of the three. Immoderate sexual desire of that man or archetype is the real cause of the death. Now Vengadalsalam and Rajagopal are names belonging to the Vaishanava tradition and hence possession by  archetypes related to earthly pleasures, the sexual and economic. The dreamer and his friends are individuals incapable of desirelessness and hence the ascetic ideals at least temporarily.i.e. they cannot raise themselves to Saivite ideals.

The mother  may not actualy be the real mother and it turned out in this case it is actually Rajagopal's own wife but who has lost sexual interest in him after about ten years of active sexual life. The relationship transformed itself into that of Mother-Son and because of which she, unable to accomodate herself to it, searched for the company another man withour realising that it was totally unethical. The Father again is not the real father but a father -like figure whom Rajagopal held in high esteem but who probably betrayed him by not helping to solve his problem.

The root cause of the death of all three is the purple cloth, i.e. immoderate sexual desire and hence it is possible that the father-like person also betrayed him moved by sexual feelings for the woman, Raja's wife.

Death also does not mean real death. All the individuals are still living even after the dream events have become true. What die are the persons with these personalities, the wife as mother, the illicit lover she sought and who responded to her irrespective of the immorality of the whole thing, and the father-like person who failed to do justice to the trust Raja had. The man,  the wife loved  finally betrayed her by abandoning her; and with it  the wife as the immoral person also dies. The father figure who failed to rescue and help out Raja also dies  overcome with  remorse for the damage he has done to the life of Raja who trusted him so much

Further Analysis: The names of individuals, who are Hindu's are indicative of archetype possessions and are not related to their cultic sympathies. Rajagopal is an ardent worshipper of Siva, while Vengadasalam a very strong Vaishnava, the stregth of affiliation being disclosed by the largeness of the figure. Largeness indicates closeness and hence someone very close to Krishna and related archetypes. The river stands for the passions that agitate people and immoderate sexual desire, the purple coloured cloth, is the real killer. By immoderate sexual desire we mean here that which blinds one with respect to moral principles involved. The purple coloured shirt reflects his thoughts, this is the meaning of cloths. He lives one as haunted by immoderate sexual desires and because of which he tried to seduce the woman who had troubles with her husband but not divorced yet and who would never even entertain that idea. All the three are in a way blinded with respect to the moral principles involved by the  immoderate and improper sexual desires and it is these immoral personlities that die because of an  UNDERSTANDING thay are led to reach by various events in life that transpired since the dream day  for about eight months . There was tremendous moral torture and because of which a vast amount of self reflection.

The dream,  because it is concerned with worldly existence belong to Mulatharam, world 1 which  is the existential  world of sexual passions. The dream fabricating process is Uccaadanam, that of chasing away the archetypres of imoderate sexual passions. It can also be peethanam as the individuals are tranformed into better individulas.  In terms of the Siththies, the attainments, it is certainly Lahima, that of overcoming moral guilt and through that becoming 'lighter' psychologically speaking.. The burden of moral guilt is unloaded and bacause of which there is cheer now instead of moral anguish and depression.