Dream: The  Weird Face

Dear Friends,
I am to glad post a very interesting dream that has some mythical qualities about it. It was forwarded  by a young lady from the USA . I  provide the interpretation along with the feedback and analysis for your reading pleasure.

Dr Loga

I offer the following interpretations with some uncertainties. Please continue providing the feedback to really getting  at the meaning.

At 12:54 PM 19-10-99 -0600, you wrote: I would like an interpretation of my boyfriends dream.  We live together in a house and have a baby girl who is 6 1/2 months old named Y. His name is Z  and he is 24 years old.  My name is X and I am 23 years old.

Dream:   Z  was downstairs in the laundry room and he was the only one at home.  He heard some footsteps upstairs and then a scary person with a big head and weird face came down the stairs.  Z  had a 3 prong thing and stabbed the person and killed it.  At that point in the dream, he thought "Is this it?" like more scary stuff was supposed to happen. So then Z  ripped off the mask  and there was X with her hands tied.


Z  being in the laundry room means he is cleaning up i.e. subjects himself to self examination whereby he comes to have a better understanding of himself,  about life , what he wants etc. But then there is now the ugly and hidden face of  X  that shows up, the wicked and nasty side that was hidden so far. On seeing it , he fights with it probably bringing  some kind of religious understanding into it. The three pronged tool is the Trisulam, the weapon of Siva and Sakthi that symbolizes moral strength and Power. However  Z's expectations were something worse and appears to be relieved that the ugly side is not as bad he thought it would be.

While  Z  was holding  X,  he heard bigger footsteps upstairs and the same type of person (big head and weird face) came downstairs and Z  stood up to defend himself and then the person ran up the stairs.  Z  got on the phone and was telling 911 to send the police and ambulance because X  was dying.   Z  was scared to go upstairs but yet he knew that he had to bring  X  up for help.  All of a sudden Z thought "What about Y?" because she wasn't with us.  Then he woke up.


It looks as though the matter does not end there. Perhaps something worse may happen and either it involves the child or the love itself . That the child is no more may mean that the love that has led to living together dies. That  Z tries to revive  X may mean that he tries his level best to recover the X,  the normal person so that life can continue as before.


I talked to  Z and he said that it sounded right.  Thank you so much  for doing this.

Further Analysis:

It clearly belongs to World 1, the  Mulatharam as it involves sexuality as the reigning motivational dynamics. The Buddhi, the dream fabricating processes are complex but because the central theme is the DEATH of a child which symbolizes the death of sexual love between a man and woman, we can ascribe it to MaraNam, the processes that bring the extinction of some elements in the psychodynamics of a person. The Siththies are the attainments, that which is enjoyed by the person and here it can be Mahima, a personal greatness as he vanquishes the ugly side of his spouse and through that emerges victorious.