Dream: Aches

Dear MrF
Sorry for the delay. Here are my interpretations. Please give me feedback as the matter appears to be serious.


Dr Loga,

Hello .... there are 2 dreams:

Dream 1

It was a nightmare ... was in my old house and suddenly I has stomach ache and the toilet was at the end of the house so I asked my brother to on the light (as earlier I had known that there was a dead body , cover with something like paper and also something like white cloth .... I also know that it is a "MUMMY". So my brother on the light and when I was about to go into the toilet the dead body move and the cover open up and saw the face ... very ugly and there are burn scare and also very fierce ... everybody in the house gor panic, but then my mother advise us all to jump into a rubbish bin tunnel and my mother jump first and then my brother and the third is me but before I dive into the tunnel my 2nd auntie was hiding in the bathroom, in the bath tub (cover by water so that the "dead body" could not trace her breath). After that I woke up witha  veru stiff hand! This is the second time I am dreaming of this type of dream .... in the same house and of the rubbish tunnel.


A very starnge dream. Probably there  is something serious wrong with your health physical or mental. The dead MUMMY may be some part of your body "dying" like your hand . May be something like a stroke or something psychological that paralyses your hand. Trying to get into a bathroom is trying to get better, seeking out life renewal and hence probably medical assistance.The rubbish bin tunnel may the intestine  and may be there is a way to get rid of the poisonous stuff in your body in this way.  Your Auntie may be someone close to you who succesfully hides from the dead and fierce MUMMY by being in good health. There is fear in general in the family probably about your health.

It may be something like food poisoning or family problems that is causing ill health.


Dream 2

I check in to a hotel  in Kuala Lumpur and brother is to check n later. When  I go to check into the room (by escalator) , however found out that there is no bathroom for taking shower. The nearest bathroom is at the roof top (2 floor above the room) and it was a very beatiful bathroom , transparent and made of glass. So I took the shower and it was a very cooling shower , 2 nd day  same again went up to the roof top and took another good and clean shower.
So the 3rd day my brother came by and found out that the room was ransacked and there are stain on the side of the bed but I still went up and take the shower , but found that there are "shit" inside the toilet bowl but with clean and clear water and then on the glass it is cover with worms and also on the floor .... the END.


Looks as though you may go for medical checkup or some kind of treatment. At first there is some improvement as you take showers and feel clean. However it appears that the CURE is not permanent, somehow the disease returns. The worms may be germs or something dirty in the mind that refuses to go away.

Both dreams are NOT GOOD at all. May I suggest that you do ACCESS YESTING. Then I can tell for sure what is really wrong.

Dr Loga


Dr Loga

Well I had a very bad bowels for the last 2 days ... and also vomited a few times. There is no pain in my stomach but there is always a urge that I need  to go to the toilet. Consulted doctors twice and feeling better now ! Will write again if my sickness prolong ... I had Hepatitis B problem ... inflamation of liver!

Further Analysis

Certainly the dream belongs World 1 as it pertains to the existential struggles. With respect the Dream Processes, the Buddhi, we can say that it MaaeaNam, the death-bringing types as the diseases are of that type. Now the atainments, the Siddhies are SUFFERINGS and Karima, that which depresses one.