Dream: Car Sales


Dear Friends,
I am extremely happy to note that many are benefiting immensely through the dream interpretation services I offer. It is not  without  any  use to me as well. I am realising that TRUTH is really more amazing than imagination. The unconscious  can be noble as well deviant and bizarre. As I psychologist I  have to learn to accept both aspects of human psyche without rushing into conclusions and premature judgements. The key note of  my professional life has become UNDERSTANDING than judgement. Understanding in itself has a way of solving problems and it is this that I try to bring about through dream interpretation services. There is NO PREACHING and PROPOGATING a DOGMA or an IDEALOGY. Dreams unfold a TRUTH about the dreamer and through interpretations the MESSAGE communicated is translated into ordinary language and along  with it to existential events that are possible for the person to experience.The MEANINGS are events in life and therefore an interpretive account NEVER ceases to be RELEVANT to the individual.

With this preamble let me describe a dream dreamt by a man in the middle forties, who having lost his wife is  keen to win over the heart of another women but who has not been responding that well.


I drive my new  car around   a street with a string of shops. Finding no place to park the car along the main road, I enter the inner road that provides direct access to the shops. I park the car right  at the corner making sure it does not  stand in the way of others. I see many shops selling good quality and big sized durians. I feel buying some. I get down from the car and then there I meet the woman I am interested and want to marry. I mention to her   that I want to sell the car but find it difficult. Then she volunteers to buy it  and drives it around with the intention of testing it. Then very quickly gets into the car and drives it  smoothly. From a distant it looks as though she is driving a powerful and faultless motorcycle. I have a feeling that she will drive around and the come back to me later.

Tha car represents your spouse who has left you. She has been your vehicle, the instrument for achieving what you want in life. Driving the car together means leading an active family life sharing all the joys and sorrows. Any travelling in a vehicle means that. The most stable family is shown in dreams as a voyage in a large ship. Now that you want to sell the car means you want to forget it, sell it off with the idea of buying something new. You park it,  meaning you want  dissociate with the past life and offer it for sales. However this new woman drives it around just to see how it feels like. This means that she is considering your proposals very seriously which is better than outright rejection. She is quite serious about your proposal and the fact that you feel she will come back means she will do something that will give the necessary confidence to pursue the matter further.

That you eye the durians and want to buy them means the sexual desire is still there and you want enjoy this side of life a bit more. The woman you admire may be seen by you as a source of sexual pleasures, a quality one at that. That the driving looks like motorcycle driving means the you HOPE for a life of youthful virility.


Thank-you Dr Loga and I hope the dream would come true. I know there are many problems but I think she is a very different type, not so serious about having a standard family life with children . She is a carrier minded woman and who wants a serious lover  who is stable and steady in his feelings. She feels very bad about moving around with many different guys and being intimate with them. She just wants to have  one man in her life and the signs are such that she may choose me. She is responding quite positively towards me.
I will keep you informed of new developments if they take place as you suggest.


The dream experience is certanily of World 1 type as it involves establishing a family life. The dream fabricating processes may of the VASIYAM type, the
 processes that bind a man or woman to another person in terms of love and affection. In terms of Siddhies, the attainments, we can ascribe to PIRATHTHI, getting what one desires.