DREAM 4: The Dog

Dear Friends,
I publish now another dream the interpretation of which was quite easy and in which I happen to be very accurate.


Dear Dr. Loganathan,

Few days ago I had a strange dream in which I was fighting with a dog.I feel disturbed ever since. Would there be any
meaning to this  dream ?

I am a 12 year old boy and we have no dogs at home.



Dear X
Here is my interpretation: dogs are actually people, perhaps some boys in your case, who disturb you
and annoy you. They may do and say things that are insulting and hurting. It is a test (sOthanai ) in life
that you have to face and come out of it.
Do you have a circle of friends who are like this? You are free to write to me for further clarification.

Dr Loga

Dear Dr Loga,

I showed  my son  your interpretation, and checked with him about such "friends". Now, he is attending summer camps as  the school is on vacation, and yes, he is on a keen competition with some toughies - who it appears are ill-mannered & foul mouthed.

Therefore your interpretation is 100% correct.

Congrats !

Further Analysis:
Animals in dreams are quit a common phenomena each animal having its own meaning. Here we have a dream in which the dreamer is alerted with respect to a FUTURE happening that may turn out to be painful. There is a forewarning of this possibility and hence it belongs to the VithvEsanam type.  The outcome is being enlightened about a future possibility and hence it is Lahima.