Dream: Sports & Fire-Walking


This very interesting dream occurred to a married lady , an Indian in her early thirties, who separated from husband is contemplating  a second  marriage with another but about which she is undecided.


I am  going to a temple function with  this man and travelling in a group with friends. He is happy that I am sitting next to him but I hold a child close to me to establish a distance. The temple is on top of her hill and part of the celebrations there is fire walking ceremony in which many people participate.  The fire pit is on a sloppy ground below the hall where we enter. The man goes first with the others and linger behind in the entrance itself.  Then I a change my mind and turn around and go in the direction of  play ground where people are busy playing tennis and such other sports.  Young lady by the name Nirmala tells him  about that and on hearing that he continues his walk towards the fire-pit  disappointed somewhat.


The dream indicates that you will not enter into a second marriage but would rather prefer to live an independent life devoted to social service and so forth. The fire-walking ceremony and interest in it is life of strong sexual passions, almost like lust with which you are happy. The life sports is life intellectual pursuits and social service where the sexual libido is transmuted into Gnostic libido.  This means what makes you happy is NO MORE a life of sexual passions, of fire . This also may mean that you return to your first husband and establish warm and friendly relationships.


I am really surprised at your accuracy. Yes I have decided that no more married life for me. I realize that I am not cut out to be a home maker, the ordinary house wife. I am not sure whether I will return to my husband but I don't hate him any more . I want to study and do a lot social work . I want to help the poor and the needy so that there is an improvement in their life. Yes certainly I want to be independent, stand on my own feet and do whatever I can to develop and improve as a person.  Thank-you very much  clarifying myself to myself. I didn't realize dreams can do that.

Further Analysis

This dream indicates  a struggle with a higher kind of life, away from that of the normal and sexual. Since academic pursuits and related matters stand out as important the existential world is that of W2( swaathittaanam).  Since the dreamer is told of FUNDAMENTAL CHANGE in her psychodynamics, the dream process is that of pEthanam, change and development. The outcome can be both Mahima, feeling great about one self because one refuses go down in the form of life chosen; or Lahima,  a resolution from conflict and indecision and hence a Releasement of kind  that settles self torture.