DREAM 3: Health

(Dear Friends, this third dream comes from an Indian male, about 56 years of age , a university lecturer with a Ph.D. to his  credit.)

Dear Loga,

I had this funny dream. How would you interprete it?

I am going around in a house that is undergoing extensive renovation and there are a lot of people moving around. Then
I find myself out in a garden and completely naked, bathing under two shower like jets of water and passers by are having  a look at me!! I become very self conscious and at this point a lady comes and offers me some clothing which I put on - like a pair of shorts. Then I go about talking to a group of people.


Here is my interpretation:

: House undergoing extensive renovation may mean your own body being rebuilt with mantric powers
doing the job. It indicates a bodily recovery possibly because of ill health of some kind. Being in the
completely naked has  several meanings. Denuding is Nirvaana, getting rid of desires and becoming pure.
Bathing is being cleansed  by the heavenly Gangai and hence life renewal.  You may withdraw from
active social  life for a while to  recuperate. A lady  giving shorts is actually a divine power that allows
you to cover up and enter active social life again. Now if your naked body is Blue in colour it may mean
involvement with some women, perhaps with some sexual overtones in it. And in  which case  the lady
giving you shorts may be your own wife cautioning about your weakness.

Think about these and enter into discussion with me about it .  Certainly I may be wrong on a number of


You may be right on a number of points. I have a nagging minor health problem without any sign of improvement. I have turned to prayers for some kind of divine intervention and relief. Also I am seriously thinking of slowly withdrawing from social work, having spent about 30 years in it, i feel it is time for others to take over .And also there is a lot of pettiness that  disturbs me and causes disillusionment as to the purpose of our involvement in these kinds of work.


You are in for a change perhaps a new pattern of life must be chosen. Discard the old ways and enter
bravely the new. We must not be afraid of change. The nagging ill health is sign that the psychic dirt,
the Giggosum has not been got rid off and now you ought to do that to enjoy a new lease of life.  Entering more consistently into dream analysis may also help you in this.


Further Analysis
This appears to be the Uccaadanam type of dream where the dreamer manages to DRIVE AWAY an ill health. Subsequent to this exercise the dreamer had another dreams where he enjoys a bath which always mean life renewal.  There is an outcome of course, piraththi, the attainment something wanred, here good health.