Dream: Missing the Bus

Dear Friends,

The question: What is common to Humanity as a whole DESPITE the surface level differences?  can be answered partly but in a scientific manner through Dream Analysis. We must distinguish clearly between what is COMMON and what  are instantiations of law-like natural behaviors.; the Western scientistics seeks the law-like as a way of grasping the universal with it's bias for the quantitative. The Agamic Culture of the Dravidians sought the MOST COMMON, that which is present in the bosom of every creature to understand the UNIVERSAL. Having learnt it from them and having seen its TRUTH,  it will be a shame on me if I abandon  it because of social pressures of various kinds and there has been plenty of it in my life. The way of Hermeneutic Science is the WAY of TRUTH , the way of accessing truths through the TEXT interpretive metaphysical thinking, especially of the intelligent creatures,  both the human and the non-human. As we  examine a large number of Dreams, we notice the occurrence of COMMOM THEMES pointing out a commonness in psychical predisposition. The present dream is one of them: missing the bus which also occurs as missing the train, the boat or some kind transportation. The dreamer is a middle aged Indian woman seeking out the love of a man with the intention of getting married to him.


I chase after a bus inside which I want to be but which takes off leaving me behind. I run after it desperately and finally catch up with it at a depot. The drivers are Mr Krishnan and his friend. This Krishnan is the one whom I love and with whom I want to live. I go to the bus to get inside it but notice that there are no one inside it and that the doors are locked. I call after Mr Krishnan several times but he doesn't seem to hear me. Finally when he enters the Toilet with his friend I yell out at he doorsteps  and he talks to me. He said the bus will not take off now but only in the late afternoon. His friend also confirms it. I move away dejected saying to myself that somehow  I must get into the bus and travel all around India. There is a special love for India within me now.


The name Krishnan is interesting: a man appearing as Lord Krishna to a woman by bewitching her and making  her long for union with him. The love is a romantic kind, partly blind because of the MOHAM, an infatuation of a kind. That you miss the bus driven by him means that the Moham is over, the fascination he had for you is dead and he doesn't want anything to do with you anymore. But the fact that you chase after it means you are not  giving up that easily, you want it desperately. Finally when you get a chance there is a promise of a kind where there  is no total abandonment but only a postponement but without any guarantee.  Your desire to travel to India may mean renewed interest in Indian culture : Indian cultural  values and norms. It may be possible that that's the main reason for travelling in his bus. It may not be any more romance but rather good academic type of friendship.
Going to the toilet is also meaningful. It is the place where you discharge the dirt from your body and cleanse yourself. It may be possible that that man is really regretting now for having entered into some kind of romantic relationship with you .

Dr Loga,
I don't know what to say. Actually the man is married with children but separated from his wife because couldn't get along. It is during that time that I met him and both fell in love. We used to meet often as we work in the same factory. We enjoy going out and travelling to places. But lately his first wife is trying to come back to him because of the children. They are very fond of their father and two of them are daughters. Both are worried about the future of their children. He has been telling me that he feels very sad about his children and feels that he must go back to them for the sake of their  future. We had many arguments about it. I told him about the enormous sacrifices I have made for the sake of love for him. The matter stood  at this when I had this dream.


Clearly the dream matter belongs to WORLD 1 as it involves marriage, setting up a family etc. Since there is Disappointment, a deathblow to one's love, the dream processes are of  the MaaraNam-type, the death bringing. The outcomes or siddhies are Depression and melancholy and hence Karima. When desires are unethical and immoral, there are always disappointments of this sort. A depression sets in but it also makes the person REFLECT about the whole thing and LEARN about the presence of ETHICAL PRINCIPLES
 regulating human behavior. We do not always get what we want no matter how hard we try. We learn that there are ethical principles at work and which we have to acknowledge whether we like it or not.