Dear Dr.Loga,
I dreamt of boarding a big holiday cruise with my hubby and  my best friend.   We were ushered to the function room (big hall) where everybody were taking their seats awaiting the arrival of the King (Agong) to officiate the opening of an event.

This is  actually your life comfortable and stable with a happy marriage and a good friend. The function may be a new start in your life probably a promotion of some kind where the King is actually your bose or somebody like that, a leader of a kind.

The king's daughter (a beautiful and humble lady)arrived much  earlier. As I know her very well, I was talking to her and  she told me about problems she had with her brother.

The daughter of the King may be someone  close to the Boss  and who takes very kindly to you and it may be that she is behind the good things about to happen to you. Indirectly it may be the Deity who wants to help because of your truthfulness and honesty. Her brother may be someone who needs help and probably she wants to get help through you.

 Our conversation was interrupted when they announced the arrival of the king and three of us quickly take our seats at the middle row as the last row are fully occupied . There were lots of people inside the function room (local and mat salleh).

That you don't get a place at the back seats but rather in the middle means some kind promotion,  not to the very top but anyway something better than the present with of course better pay etc.


I don't know how true this is going to be. However, recently, my boss has hinted of some restructuring in the office, hence a few top positions will be created to accommodate this new structure.

Let see how things gonna be and I'll keep you informed should this really, comes true.


This dream , as it involves professional life , it certainly belongs to WORLD1, the world of existential struggles, of professional competitions.  A cruise or a voyage of this sort discloses  a happy profeessional life. Since there is a positive reward as a token of her sincerity, and as a result of which there is change and development, a GROWTH of a kind, the  processes are of the PETHANAM type i.e of change and transformation for the better.  While this is Buddhi, the attainments , the Siddhies are of the Piraaththi type, attaining what one desires. Ther is a FULFILLMENT of a kind related to professional desires.