DREAM 2: The Smoke

Dear Friends.

I am so glad that  many people are participating in dream analysis and benefiting by it. Though my interpretations are
not100%  accurate but somehow  they touch the core meaning and helps the dreamers to reinterpret and understand better
the dream itself. Entering into a dialogue sbout it appears to be very important. The benefits of a dream are lost if not
discussed, interpreted and understood. Here is another being published with the consent of the dreamer who is a Chinese
lady around 37 years of age , happily married. The dreams started when the husband  was  about to go overseas..


Dear MrsX,
Thanks for the dream. Let me see what it means. I want  some feedback as I am not absolutely sure of my interpretation.

At 02:40 AM 31-05-99 PDT, you wrote:
Dr Loga,

I had this strange dream the other night. I dream that in my dream i had the  knowledge that my husband was going to
Canada. The next moment, I seem to be  in an apartment which  its kitchen in at a different level (higher level ) than the
Apartment .Some thing is being cooked in the kitchen. The next moment  the whole building was very smoky because of
the uncalled for fire in the  kitchen. The residents were very anxious and nervous about the fire and  finally when the kitchen
was forced open, there was no fire but very smoky  indeed, AND there were 2 man fainted inside there but were waken up
by the  people.
This sound like a very strange dream. Could you or any one please help me to  interpret this dream. I am a Chinese lady of
37 years and married.


You are aware of the possible departure of your husband and therefore the possibility of being alone.
Now cooking food in the kitchen means possibly being friendly (and may be flirt a bit) with other men
friends possibly in another house or apartment. Then it becomes a topic for gossip, everyone in the
Block somehow come to know about it and start talking behind the back. Now when the kitchen is broke
open, the TRUTH is known. There may be two but only as ordinary friends, no fir of sexual desires.

This dream seems to be a  case where people misunderstand your nice and plain friendship with some
men.  Perhaps it a warning of unpleasant that happen if you are careless.

How does it sound?

Dr Loga

Dear Dr.Loga,
Well, I don't have any idea or any men at all to flirt with. I think flirting is out of the questions. Anyway thanks a lot for
helping me .Thanks.


Yes you may be right. But people may gossip where they  put one and one together to make up stories
without any substance. Simply smoke without fire. Joust be careful about other people. And furthermore
the dreams tell the yet to happen and therefore we may not be able to tell right now. Just be careful.
Nothing wrong with that. Is there? Sorry if the meaning offended. I am just trying to interpret to the best
of my possibility.


At 07:00 AM 02-06-99 PDT, you wrote:
>Dear DR.Loga,
>You may publish the dream. Anyway last night, I dreamt that I was lying(for the purpose of sleeping) on an open air field ,
looking up the stars. Besides me was a male friend (no sexual desire at all, and I was aware of it in the dream). Do you
think it has anything to do with my previous dream? thanks!

At 06:08 AM 31-05-99 PDT, you wrote:
Dear MrsX

Your present dream may have something to do with the previous dream and the fact that your entered
into a dialogue with me about it. The open air filed represents a self purification in which the sexual
desires are transmuted into spiritual desires. Looking towards the heavens means praying for the
guidance of God. And certainly your prayer appears to be have been  answered. The male figure sleeping
next to you but without any sexual desires is actually God himself as the Animus or the Yang principle
providing the masculine presence deep within you so that you remain fulfilled even when your husband
leaves to overseas  for a while.

Thanks for giving the permission to publish the dream


Further Analysis

This dream be again of the VithvEsanam type, alerting  a FUTURE possibility that may bring  unnecessary problems in life. By understanding the dream the person gets another dream that secures a sexual saturation that enables her to maintain herself in  a state of purity . The person lying next to her but without sexual desires is BEING (or God ) presenting Himself as a figure of Natham(Yang) so that her unconscious desrie for male company is saturated. The outcome is Praththi, attaining the desired saturation