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I offer another dream study this time classifying it also along the lines  ii have described in the posting on "Classifying the Unconscious"



Dream-    Toilet

This dream occurred to a man about a young lady he liked and helped in many ways with the hope that she will love him in turn But after enjoying the benefits of his attention  she left him to live independently and perhaps marry another man.
She is living in an old house which has toilet inside another room. She enters the first room and the second where the toilet and eases herself discharging faeces. But  this there was no bucket she palace a plastic cup to catch the sheet. But then she realizes she did not lock the doors and haste to lock them . Afetr locking she continues with her business. She
suddenly she sees the cleaning woman  standing ther staring at her. Then she washes  using plenty of soap and rubbing her whole body strongly with it. Wearing new and clean clothes she takes the plastic container from the toilet and tries to wash it off in the drain in the next room. But some the stuff sticks to her hand and getting annoyed she washes her hand withextra care.


This is quite a common dream and indicates a process of self cleansing dictated by the MOTHER archetype that appears in this dream as cleaning woman who enters the rooms despite being locked up. The rooms are her heart or mind and despite her valiant attempts to get rid of the guild, the inner conscience pricks making her realize the wrongs she has done and repent and change. Getting rid of the faeces is actually getting rid of the  unethical propensities within her, the tendency to cheat , swindle etc  , precisely the kind of things she has done to the man  to whom this dream occurred. But
the cleaning process is not easy, constitutes a struggle.  There are TWO stages. The first a major change and then a kind of refinement. Washing self with soap is the actual process of cleansing self, the resolve to reform and change for the better. Wearing new and clean cloths is actually entertaining good and ethical sound thoughts and feelings.. After struggling twice she succeeds and emerges as someone ethical sensitive and good natured.

Further Analysis

The dream is concerned with love and marriage and hence the first existential world (W1) or muula aathaaram, where sexual desire stands as the basic motivation. Now with respect to the dream process (puththi) for the dreamer it vithvEsanam, informative for it TELLS soomething about the person he is interested in and through that LEARNS something about the subject. An since this is something pleasing to the dreamer, in terms of outcome(siththi) it is certainly Lahima, something that lifts up the spirit. However for the subject of the dream, the young woman, the experience she
undergoes is uccaadanam, something in which she drives away or gets rid of something from her system. The outcome as result of this Mahima, something that makes feel proud of herself, more confident and emotionally more stable. It must be mentioned that this young woman, a Hindu is quite a religious person and is particularly fond of AMMAN, the Mother archetype.The occurrence of Mother as the cleansing woman   may be related to this.