Dream: House Cleansing

Dear Friends,

I am very happy to publish TWO dreams from a Muslim Malay lady from Malaysia.  For reasons unknown to me, Muslims on the whole have been reluctant towards analysing the dreams and benefit by it despite by the fact Dream Analysis was given a pre-eminent place in traditional Islam.  I hope these dreams will embolden other Muslims also to participate in this excercise. I thank the person for giving  me the permission to publish them

Dr Loga

dear dr loga,
thank you very much for your interpretations and replying so soon.it really  got rid of my anxieties.Yes, your assumptions were correct, i'm a malay  muslim lady, 25yrs old and married for two months. i do agree with you at  some point that my private life is in a mess. don't get me wrong, i'm happy  with my husband.but there's been lots of problems in my life in the past and  present that sometimes makes me feel so depressed.  below i've inserted my  comments on your interpretations.

Date: Wed, 20 Oct 1999 08:33:48 +0800 (MYT)

Dear Mrs X
I guess you are a married woman, a Malay Muslim or at least married to such a person.  I  offer the following interpretaions on these assumptions. Overall your private life seems to be in a mess with a lot of moral conflicts and soul searching self questionings. May be related to your sexual side of life. Please continue the dream dialogue till both of us get to know the real meanings of these rather disturbing dreams. If you are in Penang area,  I advise you to do the Access Testing as well.

Dream 1
i dreamt that my husband and i decided to rent a terrace house since we're  sick of living in an apartment. but upon arriving there, i saw that the  house was in poor condition. the walls were brownish in color with some moss  sticking on it. the whole interior was dark and old fashioned, something  like the old unkept mansions surrounding.it was a double storey terrace. we  only rented the ground floor since the upper storey was already occupied. we  decided to clean the house . while cleaning, we heard some flushing  upstairs. i concluded that the occupants upstairs were using the toilet. the  next thing i know, water was flooding into our house. along with it came  some feaces floating in the ankle deep water. i screamed disgustedly and suddenly woke up.


Changing the house really means both of you are tired of the present way of life and you want to change it, change it for the better. But the new house or the new kind of life is still old fashioned, nothing revolutionary, still guided by old fashioned values quite irrelevant to the modern condtions. You are partly committed to it as you rent only the ground floor. That there are other occupants who flush out feaces discloses that within both of you there are  some other unconscious forces driving you into learning aboutsome spiritual matters whereby you get rid of the feaces, the dirt within
yes, we're not satisfied with the current situation. both of us wanted to  make some changes in our lives, move to another state, get a better job or  something. but until now, those changes have not yet materialized. sometimes,  i felt bored and frustrated with my job, the amount of money i make (i earn  more than my husband) and the things that i own.

Dream 2

In this dream, i dreamt that i've enrolled into a religious school. the tok  guru gave me a prayers book but the book was full of bullet holes. he told  me to read it and practically memorised it in a week. i got very tensed  since i am not very fluent in arabic language.


May be out of the intense moral conflict that you are facing, you are asked to turn to religion as a way of recovering yourself. But you are not happy because this turn towardsIslam  is NOT something you enjoy. Creates tension
within you.

frankly, i do have a moral conflict within me. people see me as a good  muslim girl but behind all those facade, i'm no saint.i'm not ready to  confess what exactly it was but enough to say that i've done the worst  things in life that i could have done. i did try  to repent but lack of  guidance depresses me so.

 So i decided to stroll around the school. i happened to stumble upon a few young male students garbed in  the ulama outfit injecting themselves with drugs in a dark alley near the  school. i got scared and flabbergasted, so i ran to other corridors. one  corridor lead to a long verandah by the beach. i was surprised to find that  the school was very near to the beach and the public were there swimmming  and having fun in the sun and sea. so, i sat atop of one of the verandah,
trying to bask myself in the sun.


Even the religious life, the Islam you saw is not satisfactory to you. You being a very independent and critical person, the religious ulamas appear to be also drugged with some petty views and still largely ignorant. You find them not to  your taste and recoil from being fully with them searching for a new insight, the SUN of divine illumination and bask in it. But you find that there are other people who are at peace with themselves(being near the beach) and enjoy good health and happiness. So you change your mind, begin to think that there may be something  TRUE in religious pattern of life and you decide to give yourself a chance as well but more as a participant than a believer.

true, i'm disgusted with some of the ulamas  and also the religious scenario  at present. in my opinion, none of them are credible enough to be put into  such a high position or to be looked up upon. most of them are political  pawn while others are conmen or involved in cult activities. very few can  be regarded as true ulamas. i'm searching for tok gurus that are really  sincere and have indepth knowledge in islam like the ones that used to teach  our religious lesson in the evenings when i was a child.

Suddenly, i heard screams and saw that  three gigantic crocodiles (like the ones in the movie lake placid!)  attacking and eating the people on the beach.i ran to the end of the  verandah together with the other people that were running for safety. after  the attack, the crocs dived back into the sea. the police came and told  veryone to stay put on the verandah. i took a seat on top of a verandah  ledge when suddenly a rich looking woman shooed me off saying that the ledge  was hers and its for her and her child to sit on. i was rather annoyed with  her since its just a stupid ledge that's she's trying to claim. so i moved  to the ledge nearer the crime scene where there's blood everywhere, on the  beach and also verandah. two policemen, which i assumed were of high  authority, were standing and discussing near the ledge that i sat on. i got bored and felt like doing something mischevious.


The gigantic cocs are actually psychic machineries that create problems after problems among people, make them fight with each other and then forget each other out of disgust. You see such a situation developing and hence
realise that religious people too and hence the Islamic religiuos life too is not a safe haven for you, you see a lot of psychic impurites there as well. The other rich woman may be either an archetype trying to disturb your peace or it may another woman  who  may want to share the love of your husband. But you give in nevertheless and allow her your safe place. The police men are are the unconscious forces that  brins about moral issues to bear upon the conflicts. Perhaps you think to yourself  that there is something immoral in all the things you are doing or is happening to you.

problems amongst people are common with me. people are always jealous with  me or think that i'm very sombong(proud) becoz i have a degree from overseas.  furthermore, most guys especially despised my outspokeness and  openmindedness. to them, a girl should be quiet and do as told. i think
that's an insult to my intelligence. about the other woman, i do not know of any. so far, my husband has been  faithful but experience has thought me that women are dangerous. they'll do  anything to get what they wanted.

I  sneaked on to the other  side of the ledge i.e. to the other side where the beach was. i saw a lot of  blood due to the massacre but no crocs in sight. i peered alongside of the  beach and i saw that there was a hole (like a big sewer) on the side of the  verandah where the people were . in addition there were croc tracks entering the hole. then, i realised that the people on the 'safe' side were on danger  and informed the police officers. they said they knew about the hole and the crocs, they just let the people be there as bait! i was shocked and scared . >i daren't go back onto the verandah so i hid at a crevice in the ledge and  prayed for my life. i knew i was in danger too since there's nothing to  protect me if the crocs found me. then i woked up sweating with my heart pounding hard onto my chest.


Massacre, blood etc may the products of an intense quarrel or psychological wounding because of intense moral conflict. Though outwardly everything appears to be  alright, but you sense that it is not so. The problems are
not over and the quarrels and so forth are bound to recur. You find alsothat there is nothing in you that would allow you to avoid it.

i know my problems are not over and quarrels will recur. but i have to face it since most of it is of my doing.

well, that's it for now. thank you for listening.