The Growing Girl

 Agamic Psychology :Chu-2

Dear Chu,

Thank-you for your response. Please meet the subject and give the interpretations as tactfully as you  can. A word of advise: we cannot always be sure of the meanings. This is especially so when through the Baums we cannot distinguish between actual performance and thoughts.  An adolescent  may THINK of stealing but actually may not. And therefore we cannot  tell him that he has stolen  etc. Only the subject himself can tell whether he has in fact done it  or not. This applies particularly to the sexual matters that are  big problems with most of the adolescents.

Any way now I come to your second subject: a  girl 9 years old. After reading the report please administer also the Family Portrait Test. I have given the directions and some guidelines on how to conduct it and  interprete in the Agamic Psychology Campus. The FPT digs out more information that is relevant  to the psychology of young children

With this we come to the subject whose main problem is declining interest in studies.  I shall give an explanation of why it is so,  so that you can advise her parents accordingly.

Baum A: A normal  tree with trunk and large crown with the tip of the trunk well into the crown. The branches are radiating from the tip and they,  half way through are covered up by the leaves.  There are  round tiny fruits all over. The trunk is unduely broad and the base is marked with jaggy lines.

Meaning:  A child is highly egocentric as shown by the broad trunk and will be quite demanding , stubborn and inflexible.  The radiating trunk also indicate a streak of aggressiveness. That the ground  is cut off with jaggy lines indicates that she is  world-centred with interest in enjoying sensual pleasures. Probabaly also NOT open to advise etc

Baum B: A banana tree with large head and tapering base. There are crisscrossing lines at the bottom. The ground  is the same as in A. The leaves are large with a bunch of banana fruits.

Meaning: Considering that she is only nine years of age we have to conclude that she is  becoming more and more FEELING ruled than REASON ruled. Various kinds passions and feelings are becoming the important elements of her personality , may be in prepartion for  the full flowering of the Feminine  in her couple of years later. She is NOT the intellectual  and analytical type but raher the sympathetic and feeling type. Such girls do not show an interest in studies as the school lessons would appear dry and intellectually too demanding. In her life with parents there are some problems and may be unhappiness. She may think that her parents don't love her much.

Baum C: A  large  tree  with almost round crown covering almost to the bottom. There are vertical lines inside the trunk with branches now alternating. But on the branches are her pets : toys of a doggy,  cat, a bird and strangely an owl.

Meaning:  Each one of these pets is sign of emerging personal qualities and similar to the appearance of animals in dreams.  She is comparing perhaps  the reliabilty of the dogs with the unreliability  of the cats.  The dogs stick to their master but not the cats. Similarly between the nice bird and the owl. The owl reperesents  a tendency to be secretive and dishonest while the nice bird the opposite. She may indulge in fantasies of this type as a way of overcoming the LACK of real love from her parents. Or simply she is learning about her feelings thorugh a kind of introspection.

BaumD: A very strange tree indeed. Only trunk without the crown . Snake -like streaks on the trunk with heads of various types which she herself has described  as: balloons, clown, elephant, scary face funny face etc.

Meaning:  She  will soon learn  the different types of  personalities in her life. It may be her immediate family members but through interacting with them she learns about their PERSONA, the face-masks they wear,  i.e.  the personalities that show up The disppaerance of the Crown may also mean the lost of security- perhaps she feels she is NOT loved at all by the parents. This  may also be a cause for the emergence of the different types of face masks. People may appear dishonest and untrue-- just pretending to be but not actually so. The ballons stand for school lessons. So perhaps she will begin worry about her studies as well.


Nothing serious as I  see these developments as stages in her growth. She is NOT an abstract thinker but rather a feeling  oriented and hence PEOPLE oriented kind of person,  always demanding attention  from people in her circle.. Perhaps we can say she is developing strong feminine tendencies.  Just let her develop in her own way  as long as she  does not fall behind too much in her lessons.  I think in time to come she will change and become a good student again but perhaps with interest in the humanities rather than the sciences.