NBT: The Change

Dear Friends,
One of the reasons why I persist in continuing with Access Testing is that it works and many are benefiting by it.  After all whatever it is,  the proof of the pudding is in the eating, as my Ph.D. supervisor Dr Shayer would continuously remind me when I was struggling with the new concept of Hermeneutic Analysis of Discourse, the methodology I developed for analyzing discourses and now extended to Baums, i.e. the fruit trees drawn. Agamic Counseling  has proved itself and the evidence is the change for the better in the bosom of those who seek its help. It has been possible for me to change young men from becoming gangsters and thieves and many young girls from becoming prostitutes or individuals almost like that with disastrous consequences for personal well-being. To-day I want to describe the story of a young girl about 17 years of age and how she was pulled back towards safety and thorough that  towards a bright future . The timely intervention of her parents , especially her mother was behind this success story as is the case  with many others. These parents who are Indians have started to think in terms of a scientific upbringing of their children. They are religious, no doubt, but do not believe anymore in blindly following expensive rituals in order to solve   personal problems. They have started in believing in the efficacy in Hermeneutic Counseling having heard of it through their friends.
The young girl, about to sit for her School Certificate Exams at the end of the year,   came to see me in July  for the first time  and in early sept for the second time. In fact I told her she can test for herself about her own progress and I gave a few copies of the Test forms for that purpose. But the parents insisted that I see her again just to make sure that everything is okay. Below I describe the Baums drawn on both days and describe how and why a change for the better has been made possible.

The First Set of Baums (22-7-99)                                                    

A: A large clean trunk with thin long roots over the ground spreading on either side . A round crown of average size with round fruits hanging freely but with twigs. Cloud-like leaves.

B. thin and dark coconut tree benting slightly towards the right and then turning towards the left. Three clean looking coconuts in a bunch but with long leaves and quite dark and narrow.

C. Similar to A except that the trunk is narrower and the roots even longer  and more numerous. The crown  is very dark with wooly lines scribbled all over with no fruits at all.

D. A large inverted cave-like structure with finger-like subcaves at the top. Each one of these branch caves ends up  with a  hallow of little crosses and quite  a number of them inside the cave too. There are slanted lines  all over the cave with fruit-like things hanging along the sides.

Here the D baum revealed her problems and immoral way of life she was about embark upon. She is a sickly girl, thin and weak but with plenty of sexual desires, something made worse by her anxiety about it because of her frail and sickly disposition.  Stories about the romantic exploits of her friends( she is in a convent) whetted her appetite further and she statrted day dreaming about getting her own boyfriend etc.  She statrted passing indirect massages to the young men she met in the school bus and elsewhere and spend most of her time at home thinking about these matters. She started pining for the advances of young men and as she was not successful she was even prepared to sleep around with them provided they take notice of her. It was at  this point that she came for counseling. And after telling her the meanings of the Baums especially that of D that indicates contacting aids-like diseases that she opened up and told me the truth, things in her heart that she has never divulged to anyone before and believed that no one would know. But the Baum interpretations and the TRUTH of it shocked her and she started to open up and tell the truth . Having realised tha disaster that awaits her as her own future possibility, she was more than keen to co-operate with me and avoid that kind of future which she never ever thought could a possibility that can occur to her.
 That she has gained an UNDERSTANDING of herself was good enough for me but nevertheless I recommended also the repeated drawings of an alchemical diagram- the yantra- that I chose for her to work on her unconscious. She has to draw this repeatedly at least twenty times a day, almost like muttering mantras. The practice of such graphics, when becomes a routine, gets into their unconscious and brings out  the better yantras already there as active principles channeling now their psychodynamics.

The second set of Baums are as follows(9-9-99)

A:  Aclean trunk open both at the top and bottom  with clean crown with wavy lines. Inside just fruits hanging on twigs. The whole Baum that is of average size is drawn right in the center.

B; The trunk is the same as in A but the crown is very different: full of lotus petals and concentric starting  from the center.

C: The trunk the same as in A and B but the crown is a rectangular with borders formed out of slanted and short troke-like lines. Inside small circles with fruits here and there.
D. Almost a human figure hidden inside a tree-like structure with large trianngular shaped head and thin legs and hands.  Two large eyes and a mouth showing all the teeth drawn inside the crown.

 When I looked at the second set  I could see immediately the change that has taken place . For one thing the Baums are CLEAN with no more the dirty  lines that had fogged her mind. A CLARITY has come to prevail making her a person clear headed and quite rational.  The lotus-like leaves in B was a sure sign that the divine powers have arisen within her driving away immoral thoughts and carnal sexuality. She became genuinely feminine, a person who now believes in TRUE LOVE and NOT wanton sex. She gained CONTROL over her sexual libido that was behind her Fall, that which led her to offer herself freely to any young man who would approach her and pay some attention.

The presenc of RECTANGLE in C was most encouraging. From now onwards she will practice what Patanjali described as Siddha Viruththi Nirodha: the regulation of the cognitive processes so that there is NO MORE dissipation of psychic energy in thinking about sexual matters and fantasying various things in terms of romantic exploits.   The thinking becomes focused enabling her  to concentrate on the LEARNING she has to do putting aside the thoughts not conducive towards that.

The D baum indicates the positive outcome of all  these: good exam results and because of that a desire to go to the University and pursue higher studies. The head is very big while the body  including the legs and hand, are thin. This means she manages to effect a fissure a distantiation from the her bodily demands and hence sexual desires.
The girl was very cheerful and looked more confident when she came for the second time. She could see for herself the change that has become true of her and when I related the details to her parents, they were really pleased. Convinced of the efficacy of Access Testing they are now recommending it to others. They are also bringing the daughters of their relatives, sometimes even at their own expense, for Access Testing.

I hope the teachers and parents in the Penang area would avail of themselves these services for the students and children without any hesitation and delay. It really helps.