NBT: The Symptoms of Diseases

While there are many uncertainties and the matter stands to be investigated still further but there is enough confidence to make a claim. Furthermore this information in itself does no harm to any body, on the contrary it may be helpful, may even save lives.  Using the Baum Test  I have  met with these symptoms already on several occasions, and  in one case at least, with considerable in -depth study.

The Symptom 1:

The ROOTS of any one of the trees drawn in the Baum Test being crossed along with dark shadings.  The roots are below the ground but there are definite dark patches.

This kind of features I met with among cancer patients and an SLE case. The SLE patients are those who have some problems in blood so that there is production of large quantities of blood proteins called anti-bodies that react against the persons own tissues. A pamphlet I obtained describes it as: The disease varies considerably from person to person with improvement or remission (total disappearance  of symptoms) occurring between periods of active disease. Occasionally, the disease can become a threat to life when the kidneys, brain or other vital organs are involved

The patient is young lady 19 yrs of age and who was brought to me when the kidneys were already affected and her lips were terribly infected. The following morning the BT was given before she was taken to the hospital for intensive attention. All the Baums drawn were sickly looking, frail broken etc but Baum B had the features above: the roots crossed as if cut off with dark patches everywhere only that it was not excessively so as it was with cancer patients. While in cancer patients it is extensive it was so with SLE cases such as the one I happened to study.

Suspecting that the disease may be psychical, something because the psyche is attacked by GIGGOSUM, the Anava Malam of the Siddhas that in astrology is recognized as the SANI, I recommended as series of acts of psychic purification like going to the temple regularly , reciting the si-va-ya-na-ma mantras regularly in the morning and evening in front of an altar at home. The medical attention and this kind activities of psychic purification resulted in fast recovery and the subject is now being treated with the drug cyclophosphamide to arrest the further deterioration of the kidneys. At least the subject was brought up to this level, something that was not possible initially.

There are  symptons that show themselves  in Baum Test is spike-like or knive-like formations on the trunk. This is a sign that the subject is suffering from acute hyper-tension that may lead to severe heart attacks. One subject who was warned of this possibility  in fact died a few weeks later percisely in the manner indicated.

Some Theoretical Considerations

While I do not want to be over confident and claim for Baum Test  what it cannot in fact offer, nevertheless I believe, and in this I have the whole of the Siddha Medical System behind me, that there are many diseases that the Siddhas called Kanma Nooy that medicine, surgery and so forth cannot cure but only religious rituals that are directed at purifying the soul. When the soul is attacked by the GIGGOSUM, the Anava malam, death-bringing diseases both physical and psychical are suffered. No amount of medicine can cure such diseases for they do not reach the soul deep enough . This matter has been discussed extensively by Arunandi in his IrupaIrupathu which is available in English translation in the Dravidian Philosophy Campus.Furthermore the GIGGOSUM as observed by them is NOT the kind of stuff that allows to be dislodged from the psyche through pharmacological treatments.  The soul cannot be purified by medicines but only rituals of the religious type that are concerned with installing the divine archetypes in the soul again. It is the strong presence of archetypes in the soul that can dislodge the GIGGOSUM from the soul and deliver the person from death. The Siddha medical system emphasizes this aspect very strongly. The believed that there are lomits to medical treatment and where they fail, religious rituals of the purificational type is the alternative available for cure.

Whether you believe it or not , I leave it to you.  But I must mention that there is growing disenchantment with Western Medical System  even in America (correct me if I am wrong) and Siddha Medical System is being favored again at least for some kind diseases. It may be possible that  this form of Medical System can benefit immensely by incorporating Access Testing as an integral part of medical diagnosis.

I must also confess that what are available as SYMPTOMS are in fact metaphors of a kind : the person is communicating that his ROOTS are cut off meaning the sources of psychic nourishment are not anymore available to him. The GIGGOSUM by its very strong presence in that area where KUNDALINI is produced PREVENTS its flow into the body system making it defenceless agaist the attack of the viruses of various kind. The Siddhas mention that this happens when the GIGGOSUM is lodged inside the spinal cord that links the brain to the sexual organs. Religious rituals are unavoidable for dislodging the ANAVAM not only from the Spinal Cord but perhaps from anywhere inside  the soul. I invite the readers to think about these matters further with reference to comments the Siddhas have made about these matters.