Moral Victory and Feminine Charm

Dear friends,

There are some fundamental principles involved in AccessTesting that need to be reiterated again and again. One of the most important principle is that the forces that shape what one is are unconscious and they need not be the suppressed and repressed and hence negative, melevolent. dangerous unhealthy and so forth. Both the benign and malevolent are there and they have powerful influences on what we do,  say and think. Our personality is NOT entirely shaped by the social and encironmental  factors though they may contribute somewhat. Every one of us are exposed to many things but we do not select in the same ways.  The way we SEE are also not the same. The same objects  are SEEN differently by different people. The unconscious forces can be that which SHOW  and because of which there is particular kind of SEEING  and it is this MODE OF SEEING that is peculiar to one that determines the personality. Psychological development cannot be brought about without changing this characteristic mode of SEEING.

Below I want to describe the Baums of a young lady who is SEEING the right way and developing as a beautiful person and because of which  is about to enjoy a life  full of happiness and contentment.

Baum A:  A banana tree  with just a few leaves but several bunches of fruits. The leaves are peculiar in that the edges are squared off.

Baum B: A coconut tree, rising straight from the ground with a bunch of clean coconuts. The leaves have dark streaks with the one rising vertically very small in size.

Baum C:  A reasonably large tree with two clean branches tapering towards the crown. The crown itself that envel\opes the branches is like a large cloud with the branches touching the extremities. Right along the branches are small dark fruits. Inside the clean trunk are two curls.

Baum D: A clean tree with two pairs of branches right and left. Then some branches radiate out from the top ending with Diamond shaped fruits wirth leaves drawn as if the sparcles.  At the  lower pair of branches  are bangle-like rings in pairs more on the right thand  the left. The upper pair of branches have fruits and leaves.

The first Baum indicates genuine LOVE, a love that values more care and concern than sexual enjoyment. The second discloses the way she has UNDERSTOOD her boyfriend and the dark streaks indicates some confusion and unhappiness. It may that she has not developed sufficient trust and there are situations where misunderstandings can occur leading to minor quarrels.  The troubles in B carry  over to C where there is moral dilemma, she wondering whether she too  can mix with other young men just as freely as her boyfriend.  She is in fact contemplating going out with others WITHOUT the knowledge of her boyfriend but with which , however she is NOT happy at all as shown by the dark fruits.

The D indicates a victory over such weaknesses of the mind. She remains steadfast and does NOT succumb to temptations.  She feels that her boyfriend is NOT playing around and is just as sincere as she is. She must learn to trust him and be steady in her feelings even if there are some  minor challenges to this. This steadfastsness earns her MORE of the FEMININE qualities as shown by the rings. He begins to LOVE her more deepely as she begins to have a kind of CHARM over him. And also makes her extremely happy as shown by the diamonds.

It appears that LOVE life is full of MORAL dilemmas and ethical conflicts. The intense desire for sexual enjoyment also brings along with it deep moral questions that one simply cannot brush aside. One has to struggle with it and through that develop ethically as well. The special endearing CHARM that captivates men and binds them to some females, appears, at least in this case NOT something won by magic but by moral victory.