The Psychology of the Serpent : A Short Study of Pampaattic Cittar


By Dr. K. Loganathan, 2002

Dear Friends,

One of the most ubiquitous symbolic elements in dreams and mythologies is the Snake. In the Access Tests such as Baum Test in Agamic Psychology , this is also met with including the entirely non-natural five-hooded variety. Its occurrence  cuts across cultural religious and ethnic differences. It is also an important object of worship in many cultures especially the Indian and Chinese and their temples abound  with various kinds representations of snake.  In alchemy too we come across this symbolism.   In the high level archetypal representations in Hinduism such as that of icons of Siva and Vishnu we also see the snake in a variety of forms.  In ancient  Sumeria we learn the Large Snake -- usumgal-- was associated with Mother Goddess worship and there were temples especially for it. We should  also note that while in Sumeria, India and China the Snake is viewed positively, it is not so in the mythologies of Semitic faiths.

Among  Tamil Siddhas who developed  Depth Psychologies  of some kind in the period from about the  11th cent to about 17th cent. there was one Pampatti Sittar, the Snake-charmer who has written a marvelous book of 129 verses touching on this theme. As an attempt to renew the Hermeneutic Semiotics of these Tamil Siddhas I am providing here the translations with notes of the last few verses from 112 to 129 which appear to summarize the whole book.



    Ģ Ţâ
ӾĢ 򦾡
    Ÿ 쨸

    󧾡 !

aakaara mutalilee paampataaka
    aananta vayalilee padam virittee
uukaara mutalilee ottodungki
    oodi vakaarattin naakkai niiddic
siikaarang kidantoor mantirattaic
    sittap piradanaar pootac ceyya
maakarap piRappaiyum veer aRuttu
    maaya pantang kadanttomenRu aadaay paambee!

Dance Dear Snake, Dance !
That having arisen as the primordial snake with the  mantra aakaaram,
     spreading the hood in the field that breeds bliss;
And having withdrawn into the uukaaram mantra
    with complete  agreement with itself
And having  extended the tongue
    in the form of the mantra vakaaram
And that point being blessed by BEING Himself  ,
    the Snake Charmer who charms the desires of the souls,
with a mantra  where lies the Supreme  Illumination,  the  siikaaram
    We have cut asunder the very roots of repeated births and deaths
through transcending all the worldly snares.


The Snake is actually the Coiled Power, the Kundalini, that which is the source of all motivational dynamics. It initially arises as the Libido, that which seeks worldly pleasures especially the sexual kind which is described here as the Ananta Vayal, the Field  of Pleasure, an allusion to the sexual coitus that from ancient days was noted as similar to ploughing the filed. At this point the mantra that transmutes this blind libido into Id (to use a Freudian term) is the aakaram -type of mantra. But as one lives through this kind of life there  emerges the uukaaram, that which impels the soul towards the Light of Metaphysical Illumination and hence away from just simply seeking pleasures after pleasures of the worldly type.  There comes to be also  agreement with it only because the desire for Metaphysical Illumination  is STRONGER than that for worldly pleasures including the sexual.

At this point occurs the extending of the tongue, seeking after not worldly pleasures but deeper metaphysical experiences, plunging into metaphysical realms of the Mysterious and the Mystical, a psychodynamics installed by the mantra vakaaram. And it is only at this point BEING seeing the soul is really  earnest for true wisdom and is sufficiently ripe to be blessed  with the mantra Siikaaraam, that which nourishes Civanjaanam, tha Absolute Illumination, allows it emerge from the depths.

The KuNdalini now transmuted into this enjoys the Civanjaanam and slowly the total destruction of Metaphysical IGNORANCE, that cast by the mantra of the makaaram-type and because of which it also conquers Historicality, being thrown into the cycle of repeated births and deaths, a tireless existential repetition.



š Ȣ¡
    ɢ š Ȣ¡
    Ģ š š¢
󾢨 á
    ɢ   !

tantiranj colluvaar tamaiyaRiyaar
    tanimantiranj colluvaar poruLaRiyaar
mantiranj cepippaarkaL vadda viiddinuL
    matilinaic cuRRuvaar vaayil kaaNaar
antaranj cenRumee veerbidungki
    aruLennum njaanattaal uNdai ceerttee
inta maruntinai tinpiiraakil
    inip piRappillai enRu aadaay paambee!

Dance dear Snake, Dance!

knowing that
unlike those who preach various kinds of ritual practices
    however without knowing about themselves and
unlike those who announce special mantras
    but  knowing NOT  their meanings and
round the walls of temples not entering the gates
     continuosly muttering the mantras mechanically
that we should   enter the mantra-world of the heavens
    and having pulled out the deep roots of karma
must eat the round pills of the GRACE of BEING that really illuminates
    in order to overcome being born again into the physical world.

Notes: The Coiled Power, that emerges as the sexual libido should  be transmuted into the divine gnosis, a possibility most often forgotten by the ordinary individuals. Such individuals get entangled with empty  RITUALS without knowing their meanings. The ritual acts unlike the general human praxis are designed to gain entry into the divine mantra-world which constitutes it meaning. But prior to that there must be self-understanding, the effecting of beta-type of learning and hence gaining an understanding of the UNCOSNCIOUS forces that effectively shape the psychodynamics of the individuals. The religious rituals, highly symbolic in nature,  are designed to bring about this beta-learning and hence psychoanalytic in essence.

Next comes the mantra-recitals which are designed not to understand self but rather BEING especially the various archetypal disclosures. The Vadda Viidu, the round house,  stands for Vintu or Yin, the Moon-House of alchemy. This world and the archetypes that are encountered there are capable of imprisoning  the mind with the world of archetypes and hence image worship of all kinds. Persisting in this mantra-recitations is analogous to moving around the walls of a temple not daring to enter inside by finding the right doors to it. It is still playing around with the peripherals without really daring to confront BEING-in-ITSELF.

However the genuine Siddha finds these doors and enters without any fear and anxiety the PURE of world of mantras where lurks no archetypes or definite forms of anything. One begins to live in this primordial formless fluidity but enjoying the pure engracing processes. This complete merger into the world of mantras and immersions into the depths there,  is compared to swallowing pills of ARUL, the Grace of BEING that increases Inner Radiance   and hence Metaphysical Illuminations, the Absolute Understanding, the Civanjanam that FOR WHICH historical existence is. Of course once this is attained -- the PURPOSE  for which worldly existence  is gifted as a blessing by BEING, that  is also accomplished. Then there is NO MORE ANY NECESSITY to be born again into the world.




Ǣ ɧ 측ɡ츢
    Ȣ ɢ 츢
Ǣ Ǽ츢
    ž Ģ ħš
Ǣ ɢ¡

kaLimaNNaal oru kappal seerttee
    kanamaana paaymarang kaaNa naaddi
aLipulan tannaiyee sukkaanaakki
    aRivenum aataarac ciini tuukki
veLiyennum vaddattee  uLLadakki
    veetaatak kadalilee mellavooddi
theLivuRu njaananiyaar ooddung kappal
    ciirpathanj ceerntatu enRu aadaayp paambee!

Dance Dear Snake Dance!

That only those who are wise
    who build a boat with clay and add
strong pillars and sails with the senses
      that provide empirical knowldege and
the stearing wheels and the understanding gained
    the only sure anchors;
and sail fearlessly  but steadily and surely
    in the sea of metaphysical wisdom
will finally reach the Divine Feet of BEING!


The metaphysical journeys, the genuine intent of all religions is compared here to a voyage in the sea. The body,   that which is made of clay,  becomes the main bodywork of a boat. But senses and the knowledge out of them,  become the sails and pillars as well as the steering wheels. The reasons are obvious -- it is sensorial commerce with the physical world pushed by the winds of various inner and unconscious desires that makes one PROPEL and move ahead in the world. This is the existential dynamics.  The senses like the sails gather the information impinging on them  and pillars and steering wheels stand for  processing mechanisms where takes place rejecting some and accepting others  and assimilating the accepted into one's preexistent body of knowledge or understanding.

But genuine  understanding contains within itself the supreme RADIANCE, the Pure Light of Vintu, a form of KuNdalini, the Coiled Power which at metaphysical heights just simply become Pure Light , the experience of which makes one Vedantic i.e. one without any mundane desires. For the experience of this Pure Light not only burns off all worldly desires but also by facilitating the experiencing of Pure Nothingness, purifies the soul of all metaphysical attachments and hence personal identities. Man becomes genuinely FREE and AUTONOMOUS by Being neither this or that i.e.   Being Nothing as far as metaphysics is concerned.

It is said that it is only those enter into a voyage of this sort, i.e. towards self purification of all personal identities desiring without actually desiring but allowing without any resistance this inner dis-configurations  or ego destructions that disbands all identities, will finally attain the HOME, here the Divine Feet of BEING.




ɨ Ţ

    񧼡 !

uLLattukuLLee uNaraveeNdum
    uLLumpuRambum aRiyaveeNdum
meLLakkanalai ezuppaveeNdum
    vithip punalilee celutta veeNdum
kaLLappunalaik kadintuvidduk
    kaNNukku muukkumeeR kaaNaninRu
teLLuparanjcooti tannait teedic
    ciirpaatang kaNdoom enRu aadaay paambee!

Dance Dear Snake Dance!

That we finally attained the Divine feet of Being
    with the understanding that one should strive and do their best
to understand the Deeper Self of one self and in that
    one should understand  both the manifest and concealed and for this
one should arouse the libido initially as sexual passions and then
    re-channel towards the flow of eternal truths  and which can cognize  only if
one detaches oneself from the sensorial commerce  that hide the inner truths and
    having disengaged oneself from them one should  aspire
towards attaining transductive perceptions by assuming the Yoga posture of
    keeping the gaze beyond the nose with half closed eyes and seek earnestly
the vision of BEING as the Supreme Radiance that is absolutely transcendent.


The KuNdalini as the Coiled Power makes itself manifest initially as the sexual libido which is called metaphorically here as the FIRE because the sexual passions generate desires for physical  coitus. But Moksa is NOT attainable if one fails to transmute this blind libido, the Id, into Njana Sakti, the Hermeneutic Competency that seeks to understand the  Mysterious, the Hidden Depths. One should move  archeoductively into the interiority or the hidden recesses of self, into the Unconscious of one's own  self  and gain an understanding of one's true self. Not only that -- the surface and deep structures of everything too must be UNDERSTOOD so that the world as a whole and existence along with it become TRANSPARENT as to its meaning.

But this is possible only if one gains also capacities for transductive perceptions, visages similar to dreams lucid dreams etc  but even deeper. For it is such visions that would disclose the MYSTICAL or the mysterious which are understood initially only as the metaphorical or even archetypal. The gaining of the capacities for such transductive perceptions is the real Goal of KuNdalini Yoga that transmutes the libidinal energy into psychic energy that would facilitate such deep perceptions that requires tremendous psychic energy.

It is in the course of transductive perceptions, going deeper and deeper into the Mystical or metaphysical, that one encounters the presentation of BEING as Supreme Radiance, as Pure Light, the common experience of all genuine mystics throughout the world. This experience is in a sense the  ULTIMATE for it is that which  provides the FINAL and Conclusive understanding of BEING which constitutes simultaneously the attaining of the Divine Feet, the source of  all that transpires as World Play




ġ ׼
    󧾡 󧾡

oongkaarak kampattin uccimeelee
    uLLum puRampaiyum aRiyaveeNdum
aangkaarak koopattai aRuttuviddee
    aanantaveLLattai taakkik koNdee
saangkaalam illaamal taaNuvudanee
    saddatiddamaakas seerntu saantamaakavee
tuungkaamal tuungkiyee cukanadaintu
    tontoom tontoom enRu aadaayp paambee!

Dance! Dear Snake Dance! to the rhythm tontoom, tontoom!

that one should,  having reached the peak of ongkaaram,
    the primordial mantra and with that informing understanding,
 seek to comprehend both the manifest and concealed
    having dislodged and transcended the egotistic anger and
always enjoying the bliss-flood of KuNdalini so
    there is no submitting to death and conjoined with the Pillar of Natham and
without deviating from the ethical principles it installs and in  a sanguine mood
    attain all the happiness sleeping without really sleeping.


The Siddhas, right  from the ancient days . i.e. from the Sumerian times, have been concerned both with mental and physical health. They believed that unless  both the mind and body are kept in excellent condition, the enjoying of Metaphysical Pleasure that saturates the soul completely,  will not be possible. And since the excellent condition of both the mind and body is impossible without securing the continuous flow of KuNdalini, the Coiled Power or libido, the search for ways and means for establishing thus. has continued for millenniums. It is in the course of such metaphysical investigations that they hit upon the notion of Hermeneutics-- that it is the faultless UNDERSTANDING that secures the endless flow of KuNdalini.

The metaphysical journey  with this orientation towards Hermeneutics naturally lead them to the discovery of the Mantra World, the realm of the cognitive demons where are fabricated all those that are experienced as elements of the phenomenal world,  as aspects of the forever changing historical existence. Among these mantras there are different LAYERS too, the deepest being the Ongkaram, the primordial Logos. Understanding becomes authentic and faultless only when this Primordial Logos is allowed to form it. Both the manifest and hidden, both the conscious and unconscious MUST be UNDERSTOOD for the attainment of the Supreme state of Boundless Bliss.

However this reaching the end of the hermeneutic-metaphysical journey is NOT possible unless the EGO that continuously interferes with its OWN ideas is subdued so that the hidden is allowed to emerge into consciousness without being censored on the way. The mind must be  OPEN and genuinely OBJECTIVE for accessing the hidden and subterranean as it is in itself.

But once one attains this,  one installs firmly the LINGA, the Pillar of Natham , that prevents the coming of premature death by providing the necessary biological strength by maintaining in excellent condition the inhaling and exhaling biological mechanism. When these breathing processes are made to function effectively, the death bringing decay processes are overcome.

This Natham,  in addition to establishing OPENNESS and OBJECTIVITY also installs ETHICS as central to psychic functioning  so that the immoral and morbid do not assail the soul and take it the wrong way. The enjoyment of genuine Bliss , including the sexual , can only become true within ETHICS that imposes its own regulatory principles  upon  behaviour.



    ž Ǣ¢ ŢΧš
ý æ
    ΦǢ ȡ Ţ
øɢȢ ֦
    տ ȡ !

viraka kudattilee paampai adaippoom
    veetaanta veLiyilee viddaadduvoom
karangkaLaip pidungki iraikoduppoom
    kaalak kaduveLi ninRaaddi vippoom
turakan tannileeRit tollukakengkum
    cuRRi valam vantu nittiya cuudcang kaNdum
uraiyaRRa maNtiram collimiidpoom
    orunaankum peRRomenRu aadaayp paampee

Dance Dear Snake Dance!

That we enclose the snake of Kundalini in the cauldron of sexual desires and
    let it wriggle in the realms of metaphysical depths; and through that
plug out and sacrifice the cognitive and motoric organs, and without any such utensils
    explore the realms of Pure Time and let it meander there too, and with power thus gained
as the colts , explore the ancient and archaic realms that configure everything and
    understand all the mysteries and despite all these hermeneutic journeys
recover the  utensils four reciting the mantras that are beyond being uttered.


Now begins an account of how to attain the Deep Silence, the MOnam that becomes an important notion in Indian metaphysics since the days of Buddha where he kept a deep silence whenever questions about God was asked. The questions as to the real significance of this silence at the metaphysical level  went on and the Tamil Siddhas succeeded somewhat in unraveling its real significance aided by the Tolkaappiyar who provided an understanding between language ( and speech) and the notion of Time. He analyzed Time into Physical Time that enters language as TENSE and Psychological Time that also enters language but as Temporality,  a sense of time related to Future Orientation of all human beings and related to their metaphysical Ignorance. It was later realized by Saiva Siddhantic Philosophers that there will be temporality and hence speech only as long as there is metaphysical ignorance that provides the Future Orientations, states of expectations in the psychic interiority.

The  Siddhar here  clarifies  the overcoming of Ignorance and hence also destroying temporality and ascending to the state of IMPOSSIBILTY OF SPEECH for when temporal notions are transcended, the conditions of speech  are also transcended. The Coiled Power, the psychic energy is NOT allowed to lead the individual to the enjoyments of sensual pleasures alone  becoming forgetful of metaphysical in that process. Only some of the energy is allowed to be used  for pleasures or as  the author would put it, enclosed in the cauldron of sensual desires. The remaining is utilized for exploring the metaphysical realms  disengaging themselves from the cognitive utensils that tend to bind them to the sensual. Such physicalistic senses are sacrificed and with becoming FREE from earthly concerns the mind unbounded explores the hidden, archaic and  mysterious realms where are fabricated the various impulsions rather unknown to the individuals. However now that this realm itself is accessed the whole process is UNDERSTOOD, a metaphysical CLARITY is attained and  the psychological time that established various expectations or desires uprooted and  hence  also Temporality for Time Consciousness itself is overcome.  When the mind is fully and thoroughly illuminated, there are NO MORE EXPECTATIONS as such. At that moment precipitates the DEEP SILENCE, a state of being lost completely to anything physical.

However recovery is possible and the author,  interestingly  enough,  mentions the availability of another species of Mantras, the inaudible or unutterable mantras called also Asaba Mantras. There is a use of them and I am not sure how but what is important is that the functioning of self with the four cognitive utensils, the Manam ,  Buddhi , Angkaram and Sittam  become re-established.

This metaphysical experience is like plunging into a deep pool and then swimming back to the shores and thus escaping being submerged and lost.   Of course the person will NOT be the same . He would acquire a new personality, and certainly something PURER than before which for the Siddhas constitutes the genuine function of religions and the rituals that accompany them. It is washing off the inner dirt  by having a bath something symbolically indicated in all religions.



    ը Ģ Ţ
Ө 
զǢ ɢȢ
    ȦǢ š

kaayak kudattilee ninRa paampai
    karuNaik kadalilee tiyangkaviddu
neeyac cuzumunai niiru paaycci
    nityamaana vasttuvai nilaikka naadi
maayap peruveLi tannileeRi
    maacaRRa poruLinai vaaykkat teedi
aayattuRai kadantu appaaR paazin
    aanantanj ceerntoomenRu aadaay paampee!

Dance dear Snake! Dance.

That by re-channeling the Snake of Coiled  Power
    locked up in the cauldron of the physical body into
the vast ocean of concern and care and let it  be permanently in it and
    into the body flooding the pure waters of Pure Love by
an excursion into the Syzimunai, the metaphysical realms where
    both the Mother and Father are met with in eternal embrace and
searching beyond for the Absolute and seeking its non-absenting presence within
    by entering into the bewildering world of historical flux but
searching for the permanent beneath them and transcending even these
    hermeneutic realms of various kinds of understanding and reaching
the realm of Vast Emptiness, of Pure Nothingness that finally
    I attained the final and irrevocable  Supreme Bliss!


In this verse the Siddha explains the transmutation of sexual libido that creates inner pressures for sensual indulgences into genuine LOVE and CARE  that is indeed PURE LOVE, a spontaneous expression of LOVE that expects nothing in return. The libido that remains locked up as within the body  as simply seeking physical desires throws sexuality into mere carnality, an indulgence in physical enjoyments without any love. However the Yoga here re-channels this libido into the ocean of KaruNai, i. e. pure waters of Care and Concern, an attitude of Pure LOVE where enormous number things are done by which are NOT  INSTRUMENTAL, doing something in order to attain something in return. Such a Pure Love is selfless and only CARES for the individuals without any expectations.

But indirectly there are some benefits , the most important being initiations metaphysical excursions into the regions of Suzi munai, that kind of journey where both the Father and Mother, the Masculine and Feminine are SIMULTANEOULY encountered. BEING is present in this as Siva and Sakthi, as Adam and Eve,  in eternal and loving embrace by presenting themselves though Natham and Vintu that gives the phenomenal Masculinity and Femininity, the archetypal MAN and WOMAN who are eternally productive and regenerative.

But the search does not stop there.  A true understanding of the bipolar archetypal MAN-WOMAN complexes urges the understanding towards going BEYOND  this duality into the realm of undivided unity , where the BEING is encountered in itself as it is, neither Male or Female but something beyond.  This 'the nittiyamaana vastu', that which is absolute, unchanging and eternal.

But how to transcend the metaphysical realms which appear now as a world of bewildering magic -- maayap peruveLi -- and go beyond? A way is suggested-- one must develop UNDERSTADING by developing a variety of Hermeneutic Sciences which by helping to gain metaphysical illuminations help also an individual to go beyond. For only what is UNDERSTOOD clearly can be transcended.

The limit of hermeneutic endeavors is transcendence into the realm of metaphysical NOTHINGNESS, of sheer EMPTINESS but which strangely enough breeds the most excellent BLISS.



    ƢӨ ɢ槼
򾢧 Ţ
    Ƣ¢ Ţš
    󧾡 !

muulattanattilee ninRa karuttai
    muRRunj cuzimunai taanniluudee
meelat tavattilee vintu vaddam
    meelaivaziyilee meevi vaazum
paalatti taayk karuNaiyinaalee
    parakati njaana coruubamaaki
aalac cayanattu maaludan ninRee
    aanantanj ceerntoomenRu aadaay paanbee!

Dance Dear Snake Dance!

that we attained the state of Supreme Bliss
    by transporting all those nuclear ideas that remained lodged in the muulaataaram
Through the path of Suzi munai where both the Male and Female are equally present
    And where the sphere of Vintu (or Yin) remains hovering yonder as something
Attainable only at the higher kind of metaphysical excursions and
    Only attainable by the Grace of Mother of Brilliant Light who grants
the states of Being in the realms of transcendental knowledge and who
    conjoins BEING-as -TIRUMAAL who sleeps over the waters of eternal youthfulness


The Siddhas saw no difference between Saivism and VaishNavism or for that between the different archetypal presentations of BEING and because of which also saw no differences between religions too. They  were interested in the ACTUAL EXPERIENCE of BLISS and which they saw as attainable only through a metaphysical journey that carries the souls to its natural end state. The beginnings of religious life , which is seen here as gaining entry into Muulaataaram, the primordial HOME contains everything in germinal form. What the metaphysical journey should do is make them blossom to the full by naturing them appropriately and which is taken as the function of true religious life.

And this consists of traveling , metaphysically of course, through Suzimunai, the journey where both Mother and Father, the Male and Female and hence Natham (Yang) and Vintu (Yin) are EQUALLY present. Both the Male and Female in each one of us should be allowed to embrace each other and execute the tireless dance of production and destruction so that the rudimentary metaphysical ideas germinate and blossom to the full.

The Highest reaches are under control of MOTHER, here not the sexually alluring FEMALE but rather the metaphysical illuminating  Light of Pure Brilliance, another form the KuNdalini takes but only at the higher reaches of the right of kind metaphysical journey.

And Lo! At this point BEING presents Himself as Tirumaal, BEING not only as He who sleeps over the fivehooded Snake, Aatiseesan, a presentation of KuNdalini the immense Power that underlies eternal youthful vitality but also the Ocean of Pure Waters, the waters of life renewal! The Ganges that flows in the tuft of BEING-as- SIVA now becomes the enormous OCEAN itself all in the interest of granting a new lease of life for the metaphysically brave who has succeed in reaching this heigh and who has lost all the virility on the way.



Ĩ ţ¢ ¡Ǣ¡
    Ţ ɨ ը
ĸ 󾾡
ġ 󾾡
ġ 츢

pulanaintu viitiyil vaiyaaLiyaayum
    puravi enum manatai orumaip padutti
malapanta ulakang kadantataalee
    mannu guru paatattil nilainaadit
talam aintu puulookang kadantataalee
    cantira maNdalamung kadantataakum
valam vantu puulookak kadalai niikki
    aanantamaaki ninRu aadaay paanbee!

Dance Snake Dance!
 Having become supremely blissful by
Controlling the self that seizes like a vulture in the field of the five fold senses
And the mind that becomes the wild horse there and through that
Disengaging the anma from the physical world  and always aspiring
to be at the Feet of   the Supreme Guru who instructs true wisdom and
Transcending with the illuminations received the five fold existential worlds
And through that also the KuNdalini that appears as (the Sun and) Moon within
And understanding truly the whole phenomenal world and finally
transcending the ocean of worldly desires


The real happiness is available only by completely transcending from the sensual and hence the physical world. The worldly existence as conditioned by the senses feeds the ego and creates cravings of all kinds in which the soul is made a hungry vulture and an uncontrollable  wild horse. Man becomes acquisitive and greedy if he is lost in the worldly materialistic pursuits unmindful of the metaphysical.  The controlling mechanisms are NOT available within the physical but only in the METAPHYSICAL. The KuNdalini can be transformed into that which provides supreme bliss only when the anma is pulled out gradually from the clutch of worldly and made to be free of the materialistic kind of desires.

But how are we to attain this freedom and hence existential purity and through that enjoy real happiness?

We shouldalways strive to being close to BEING, here also seen as the GURU for an important reason. For it is NOT the fasts prayers rituals and so forth that are capable of pulling us out of the ocean of worldly desires. It is only UNDERSTANDING  the world as such that can really liberate us from its fiendish hold of the sensual.  For what we understand DO NOT INTEREST US anymore and at that point disengagement takes place rather spontaneously. BEING liberates us to enjoy TRUE FREEDOM by instructing us on genuine metaphysical UNDERSTANDING and because of which HE becomes the true Guru.

Half -baked mystics on the way claim that they are the true gurus, divinely sanctioned etc and the fools around the world in their ignorance go about brandishing it creating more disorder than peace and unity by such actions. That which binds people either to a human guru-pretender  or a tradition that disallows direct communion with BEING cannot facilitate an individual becoming truly FREE which is the precondition for being with BEING and enjoy the Supreme Bliss.



զ Ȣ
    Ȣ¡ 츢¡츢
զ է ¡츢
զ Ȣ
    š â󾢼 ¢
Ũ 𼦾
    Ȩ Ȣ

kuruvenRum aasaan uru veRittu
    kuRiyaana njaanan tuppaakkiyaakki
aruLennum aruLee uNdaiyaakki
    aanantamaakavee ataik kadantee
maruLennum maatarma neRi toddu
    vaangkaamalee tirintida neddai yiddu
paruvalaikkuLLee paddatenRu
    paRRaanaip paRRi ninRu aadaayp paambee!

Dance dear Snake Dance! that BEING who possesses and owns nobody
    is attainable as the supporting GROUND only if you free yourself
From the charms of a person who parades as a GURU (but who really ensnares)
    Firing shots from the gun of metaphysical illuminations with Grace as the bullets and then
transcending that slavery very happily and  also to move freely uncaught by the vast snare of
    Metaphysical delusions establish  oneself in deep and self -absorbing meditations and
Be  caught in the extensive network woven by the metaphysical journey it affords.


In this verse, quite revolutionary even in the Indian scene, this Siddhar advocates a philosophy of metaphysical freedom that also involves discarding discipleship towards any person even  in the form  of a  Guru. Any such enslaving discipleship will not render it possible to attain BEING Himself as one's existential GROUND. For BEING is peculiar and unlike any mortal man no matter how divinely inspired he is,  is TOTALLY autonomous and who tolerates no one as HIS disciple. BEING generate FREE individuals and only individuals who are totally free can near HIM and one-with Him and so forth for BEING is totally FREE and autonomous.

The discipleship should be TRANSCENDED and the way to do it is NOT hatred through arrogance but rather through the gaining of metaphysical illuminations and SIRSAKTI, lumen Naturale that afford it. They become the gun and bullets for firing at the discipleship and escape from it.

But this is not sufficient for there remains the snares of metaphysical delusions and illusions, the madness of the irrational individuals who claim all kinds of  SUPERNATURAL POWERS and bewilder the masses through insinuating  of all kinds of threats. One can escape such delusions and being captivated by them only by gaining DIRECT experiences of the depths and for this purpose one has to practice Niddai (spelled here as neddai), a meditative practice where one immerses totally into the DEPTHS and allow BEING Himself to illuminate oneself. Here emerges a vast NETWORK of metaphysical thoughts and intuitions which UNBOUND the individual and make him supremely FREE. It is becoming FREE thus that makes one gain BEING Himself as the  GROUND of one's existence.